Make your devices
last longer

We have been protecting devices since the launch of the first iPhone. Our almost fifteen years of experience has been confirmed by numerous certificates, tests, patents and utility models.

1UP screen protector – perfectly transparent protective foil created for gamers.

Matt Case

Stylish protection for your smartphone, resistant to dirt, scratches and discoloration.


The antimicrobial coating kills 99% of bacteria,
viruses, fungi and moulds. Works 24/7.


Non-cracking glass protecting the entire screen.

Satin Armor Case

Satin frame that improves grip.

All-Safe™ 3.0

Any graphics on the case in 3 minutes!
Discover the groundbreaking All-Safe™ system.


Keep the information just for yourself!

Protection™ Series

Take care to protect your smartphone, smartwatch and mobile camera.