Screen Protection

In 60% of the cases, the phone lands face-side down after it falls. Choose the proven glasses and films.

FlexibleGlass Pro™

Feel the power.

HARDY® Tempered glass™

Hardest glass, easiest installation

in 3mk Protection history


Everything you need

Comfort Set 4in1

SilkyMatt Pro™

Silky touch, ensures full protection.

Matt protective film


The hardest glass in the 3mk Protection history.

Super hard glass that provides solid screen protection against shattering and scratching.

1UP screen protector

Perfectly transparent protective foil created for gamers.

Better organoleptic properties thanks to the oleophobic coating – Improved finger glide and faster touch response.


The antimicrobial coating kills 99% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds.
The anti-impact underlay strengthens the display by 400%.


Non-cracking glass protecting the whole screen.
NeoGlass™ absorbs impact energy and strengthens the screen by up to 350%.

HardGlass Max™

Curved tempered glass which protects screen from edge to edge. Best choice for those who look for precise protection and real glass feeling.

HardGlass Max Lite™

Tempered glass covering the whole surface of the screen.

HardGlass Max Lite™ with a strength of 9H makes even sharp items harmless to your phone.


Tempered glass for the front screen panel.
It perfectly protects the screen against scratches thanks to the hardness of 9H.
One of the most frequently chosen products due to its high quality and favourable price.

FlexibleGlass Max™

Unbreakable hybrid that will fully protect your screen!

FlexibleGlass Max™ shows resistance to scratching at the level of 7H, thus effectively protecting the device even against sharp objects.


Non-cracking hybrid glass.
It combines the best features of film and glass: it does not crack and is scratch resistant. It strengthens the phone’s display up to 250%, absorbing impact energy.

FlexibleGlass Edge™

Shatterproof hybrid for Samsung mobile phones.

Compatible with in-display fingerprint scanner.

FlexibleGlass Lite™

The thinnest hybrid glass on the market.
Alternative bestseller 3mk Protection with a thickness of only 0.16 mm. Lite version differs from FlexibleGlass in hardness and impact strength.


Protective film. Developed to meet the needs of even the most demanding curved displays. Gel installation ensures perfect adhesion.

Paper Feeling™ Tablet​

Draw, write and protect your device.

The stylus glides across the screen, but you feel like you’re writing on a piece of paper. You write and draw on the screen with a unique paper structure, without fingerprints and dirt!

SilverProtection+ Folded Edition​​

The antimicrobial coating kills 99% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds.
The anti-impact underlay strengthens the display by 400%


In 44% of the cases, a damaged phone had no case. Choose a tested phone case.

HARDY® MagFabric Case™

Perfection in every detail

Silky Leather MagCase™

Your smartphone’s perfect partner

Soft Tablet Case™

Protects like a pro
Tablet case

HARDY® Silicone MagCase™

The finest match to your advanced smartphone*

*in the 3mk Protection history.


HARDY® Silicone MagCase™ is synonymous with quality and security at a level for the discerning. The case is fully compatible with the MagSafe system. Thanks to the built-in magnets, it supports fast and convenient wireless charging – of iPhones and newer Samsung Galaxy models.

Silicone Case™

Wraps you in security.


Attractive with comfort.

Satin Armor Case+

Satin frame of the case for improved grip.

Armor Case

It strengthens the grip and absorbs impacts.

Clear Case

Protects the phone to protect the design.

Matt Case

A case with increased resistance to scratches, discoloration and soiling.

Satin Armor Case

Satin frame of the case for improved grip.

Matt Case

A case with increased resistance to scratches, discoloration and soiling.
Absorber125™ – after 26 falls of the new phone in the case from a height of 125 cm, no dents, cracks or scratches were found.

Extra Protection

Protect your and mobile devices comprehensively.

Lens Pro Full Cover™

The best lens protection


Lens Protection Pro™

Ultimate protection for beautiful photos. Super-strong 9H hardness glass, which strengthens the lens by absorbing impact energy when the device is dropped from a height.

Lens Protection™

Non-cracking hybrid camera glass.
Lens Protection™ amplifies the camera up to 200%, absorbing the impact energy. It is ultra-thin, so you won’t notice it on the lens.

Cam Protection™

Protecting your camera.
Enhances impact resistance up to 200% and does not crack. It does not affect the quality of the recorded image.

Watch Protection™

Protection of the entire smartwatch face.
Watch Protection™ strengthens the smartwatch face up to 250%. The perfect fit guarantees protection even for rounded displays.

PrivacySlider™ for webcam

It takes care of your privacy.
Slide&Hide laptop camera cap allows you to cover and expose the camera. Use the camera only when you want and need it.

PrivacySlider™ for smartphone

It takes care of your privacy.
Slide&Hide smartphone camera cap allows you to cover and expose the camera. Use the camera only when you want and need it.


Use your computer unhindered in public places. Privatizing foil from 3mk protects the screen and darkens the displayed image from as low as 25°.


Wireless earphones, chargers, cables, fm transmitter, car&cleaning accessories.

Silicone Earphones Case™

Your earphones deserve the best protection!


Let your music burn.


Hardy® LifePods PRO™

Unleash the Power of Sound



Wireless earphones. Pure listening. 



Feel the rythm.



Music for the active


Wired Earphones Jack 3,5 mm™

Always with you!

Wired Earphones

Wired Earphones USB-C™

Enjoy the sound

Wired Earphones

Double Headrest Holder™

Maximum travel comfort and convenience

Single Headrest Holder™

Comfort and  style within your sight!

Memo Hug™

Holds as you need it

Phone holder

HARDY® MagCharger

The best holder for Apple

in 3mk Protection history.


Pure magnetism for iPhones

Drive & Charge™

Modern phone holder with inductive charging with a power of up to 15W.

Twist Automatic™

The holder features a telescopic arm so you can move your phone mounted to the windscreen closer, while the rotatable head allows you to position it at the right angle that works best for you.

Spider Gravity™

Phone holder with gravitational installation system. The spider-like arms always hold the phone firmly in place thanks to high-precision clamping at four support points.

Magnet Power™

A small, compact car holder that has plenty of power. Strong magnets guarantee a stable and strong hold on your phone.

Steel Bike Holder™

Bike Holder Pro™

A holder that guarantees the safety of your phone even on the bumpiest roads – whether you’re biking along a forest path or riding your scooter around town.

Hyper Car Charger 100W

The Power Delivery technology guarantees fast charging of devices. Two USB ports can charge a phone and a laptop at the same time. Overvoltage protection ensures the devices’ safety during charging.

Hyper Car Charger 45W™

Power meets portability

Car charger

Hyper Car Charger 30W

Made from aluminium, is durable and elegant. Two USB ports can charge two phones at the same time. Overvoltage protection ensures the devices’ safety during charging.

Hyper Car FM Transmitter

It plays music without static and other interference. Intuitive one-handed operation, a hands-free set and Led Light ensure highest comfort of use. A USB port enables simultaneous phone charging and music play.


20 000mAh

in your pocket

Hardy® MagSynergy Ni+™

Where performance meets power

Powerbank 10 000 mAh


Full off energy.


Hyper Charging Station 240W™

Energy suited to you!

Charging station

Hyper Charger PowerMax 100W™

100W power & the convenience of wireless charging

Charging Station

Hyper Charger 20W™

Speed & Comfort

Hyper GaN Charger 33W™

Big power in a small package

Hyper Charger 140W

Highest charging standard.

Hyper Charger 68W

The energy you need


Hyper Charger 65W™

We created the perfect charger for anyone with more than one mobile device. It charges up to 3 devices at once!

Hyper Charger 35W™

Comfortable charging

Mains charger

Hyper GaN Charger 33W​

Minimalist and compact charger that charges 2 devices at once.

HARDY® Charger

The best charger for Apple

in 3mk Protection history.

Hyper Charger 20W​

If you use your mobile devices a lot, especially on the go, this 20W charger is what you need.

Wireless Charger 2 in 1™

Wireless charging & stand function

Hyper Wireless
Charger 3in1 15W

Ultimate in comfort and modernity. Inductive charger that charges 3 devices at once – phone, headphones and watch.

AUX Cable Jack 3,5 mm
- Jack 3,5 mm™

Reliable sound quality


– Jack 3,5 mm™

Reliable sound quality


Adapter USB-C - Jack 3,5 mm™

Unstoppable sound

Hyper Cable USB-A to Micro™

Guarantee of reliability

Hyper Cable
USB-C to Lightning™

Quality without compromise

Hyper Cable USB-C to USB-C™

Reliability and efficiency

Hyper Cable USB-A to USB-C
1.2m 3A™

Uninterrupted performance


Hyper Cable 3in1™

A/C to C/Micro/Lightning

Combining Convenience with Versatility

Hyper Thunderbolt Cable™

USB 4 8K60Hz USB Type-C to Type-C

Next-Generation Cable


Hyper Cable 4K60Hz

Unmatched transmission quality

Hyper Silicone Cable 100W

Two metres of highest quality

Hyper Silicone Cable

Super powerful, extremely flexible and highly resistant.

Hyper Cable 100W

One cable, many possibilities

Hydro Case

Feel the adventure

HARDY® MagSelfie Stick™

Take your best shots!

Hydro Case

Feel the adventure


The comprehensive care CareSet is a cleaning kit designed for mobile devices. It consists of 50 ml gel and a dust-free microfibre cloth


The handy CareWipe is a set of 24 cloths moistened with a cleaning agent. The display will clean without streaks.