3mk Protection - Make your devices last longer

The objective

We want users to be able to enjoy their lives and discover their potential with confidence and peace of mind by protecting what is important to them.

The way

We are constantly discovering new ways to protect our customers’ equipment better, testing our solutions to the limit.

The result

We create the highest quality glasses, films and protective cases for smartphones, tablets, smartwaches and other devices.

About 3mk Protection

Year 2006.
Marcin Gawłowski runs a GSM accessories store. A customer comes to his store. A man in his sixties. He holds a Nokia 6310 with a screen covered with adhesive tape unevenly. His simple question: “Can it be done better?” will change the way we look at the mobile accessory industry. Two months later 3mk starts producing the first protective films.
We design and cut out screen protections for specific models at a time when the film is sold in A4 sheets, and the most important place in the seller’s tool kit is taken by sharp scissors.

This was the beginning of 3mk Protection. The brand direction and our philosophy have not changed over the years. We think of which customer needs are poorly met or not met at all. We respond to the expectations of our customers and design better solutions.

What can we change for you?

3mk Protection innovation timeline

Since the launch of the first iPhone, we’ve been thinking about which customer needs are not being met or not being met at all and we’re designing better solutions.

Protective film fitted to the display size

At a time when protective film was sold in sheets, we focused on precise cutting to size and matching the protection to specific phone models.


Introduction of the applicator

When we noticed that retailers and customers couldn't handle the installation of the film, we designed a universal applicator. This patented solution allowed us to increase SRP.



The first non-cracking hybrid of film and glass was our response to the voices of customers for whom tempered glasses proved to be too fragile in the face of everyday life.



When design began to play an important role in the selection of a smartphone, we designed an invisible casing, which received the MUST HAVE award at the Łódź Design Festival.



Glass that doesn't break? Once again, we took up the gauntlet thrown by the market and users. We have created the most durable glass in our offer, which does not crack or chop.


All-Safe™ 3.0

We have noticed an increasingly clear market trend – personalization. We responded to it! The All-Safe™ system allows everyone to design a case of their dreams!