Bike Holder Pro™
premium accessories
strong grip

Stable holder

Your phone is safe on any road


Fits any phone and bike


Fully adjustable, quick to install and remove

Stable in every situation

Different roads, bikes and phones, but one holder. That’s because the Bike Holder Pro™ holds your phone steady on any road or handlebar. Strong rubber clips adjust precisely to the size of your phone, securing it in the desired position. The phone’s stability is further enhanced by an anti-slip mat lining the grip. You can adjust the width of the clip to perfectly fit the handlebar of your bike. You can be sure that your phone will not move an inch, even on bumps, with the Bike Holder Pro™.

Comfortable and practical

Bike Holder Pro™ can be used for off-road riding, a leisurely ride in the city or a relaxing stroll with your child. Easy to install and remove, the holder will literally take a minute to fit so you can enjoy the security of your phone and the comfort of using it.

Versatile and totally customisable

One handle for many applications. Bike Holder Pro™ can be fitted not only to the handlebars of a bicycle, but also to a scooter or pushchair. Thanks to a conveniently adjustable clip, the holder can be adjusted to fit almost any handlebar. The large adjustment range of the holder allows you to position your phone in the best position for you. Bike Holder Pro™ can be rotated 360°, so quickly repositioning your phone in search of the best route is no problem.

Trouble-free to use

An urgent call when you’re cycling along a forest road? No problem. Bike Holder Pro™ has a special button to release the clips on your phone. Just press it, take your phone out and talk. Instant action. Fitting your phone into the holder is just as quick and easy. With the Bike Holder Pro™ you can also freely use your phone while cycling.

Set included:

Bike Holder Pro™ – 1 pc