Everything you need

Comfort Set 4in1 - a complete all-in-one perfectly-fitted protection for your smartphone.

Feel confident that your smartphone is in the best hands. Trust our flagship products to create extraordinary protection for your device.

Special-purpose case

Durability proven by Absorber tests

Hybrid camera protection

Lens enhancement by 200%

Premium tempered glass

9h hardness and full scratch protection

Professional application frame

Guaranteed precise and simple application


your need

Comfort Set™ 4in1 is a professional set that allows you to protect your smartphone comprehensively and by yourself. The set includes 3mk Protection’s flagship products: the Satin Armor Case+, Lens Protection hybrid resilient glass for the camera lens, tempered glass for the smartphone screen with 9H grade hardness and a disposable applicator for mounting the glass. With the ComfortSet™ 4in1, you will protect your smartphone without leaving your home. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about fitting the glass – it’s trivial and can be done in minutes!

A case resistant to shocks and impacts

The Satin Armor Case+ is our special-purpose case. It has successfully passed the Absorber™ test, a series of 26 throws against steel and concrete. The phone, which was repeatedly dropped from a height of 185 cm, remained fully operational and did not receive any damage. The case also provides optimal protection for the electronics on your smartphone with the raised edges around the camera, which absorb impacts and protect against scratches. The Satin Armor Case+ is immense power encapsulated in a sleek and modern form. The thickness of this armoured and rigid case is just 1.0 mm.

Up to 200% increased camera protection

Lens Protection™ is our highly praised camera protection glass that combines the flexibility of film with the strength of glass to create non-breakable hybrid lens protection. Lens Protection™ enhances the lens by up to 200%. With an additional ceramic coating, it also provides reliable scratch protection of 7H grade according to the Wolf-Wilburn scale. You can achieve these impressive protection parameters without exposing your camera unnecessarily – after all, our glass is only 0.16 mm thick!

Top-of-the-line tempered glass

The Comfort Set 4in1 includes our latest Resilient Glass tempered glass for your smartphone screen with a hardness of 9H, which indicates that it has been made from a material so hard that it can cut through glass. The glass has a special oleophobic coating, which does not only provide resistance to greasy marks and makes it easy to clean the device, but it also reduces friction to a minimum. It is also anti-bacterial and anti-static while being completely transparent and scratch-resistant. You install it once, and enjoy its properties for a very long time!

Do it yourself!

Forget about visiting points and paying to have the glass fitted to your smartphone screen! Starting now, you will do it yourself and without the slightest problem. Say goodbye to screen bubbles once and for all! It’s all thanks to the professional application frame included in the kit, which reduces the likelihood of a bad glass application to a minimum. We guarantee precise and simple application in a matter of minutes!

Set contatins

• 3mk Resilient Glass,

• 3mk Satin Armor Case+,

• 3mk Lens Protection™,

• Glass applicator,

• Cleaning set.


The 4-in-1 set contains complete, perfectly fitting protection for your smartphone. The set was created for all those who appreciate quality and respect their time. In the set you will find a case, screen protection, glass and a disposable applicator to perfectly fit the phone with glass.
The case is subjected to durability tests. Absorber185™ is nothing more than a test that involves dropping a phone from a height of 185cm. After 26 drops of a new phone in the case from a height of 185cm, no dents, cracks or scratches were found.

This means that the glass is so strong that only a diamond can scratch it.

An oleophobic coating is a thin coating of glass that repels grease particles, and protects the coated area from fingerprints and other such dirt.

It is a special coating based on silver nanoparticles that takes care of your safety and kills up to 99% of viruses, bacteria, fungi and mold.
That’s why the 4-in-1 Set was created, so that such questions don’t arise. This set contains everything you need to fully protect your smartphone without any questions about fit. Here everything fits together.