HardGlass Max™

Reinforced tempered glass to cover the whole screen.

Hardness 9H

Protection against the sharpest objects

Reinforced edges

even greater durability

It covers the entire screen

rounded edges are protected

Maximum durability

Tempered glass has many advantages, but the extreme protection is most important for users! We have reached the maximum: the hardness of 9H is combined with an extended hardening process and reinforced edges. The result is a protective glass with a longer lifespan!

Comfort at your fingertips

Fingerprints are a poor display adornment. In addition, they are often difficult to remove without streaks. We have used an additional oleophobic layer in HardGlass Max™, which not only provides resistance to greasy marks and makes cleaning easier, but also reduces wear to a minimum!
Dscout’s research showed that the average user holds the phone in his hand for almost 2.5 hours a day. HardGlass Max™ is approved by the National Institute of Hygiene, which guarantees that it is free of harmful substances and safe for your health – no matter how much time you spend on the phone.
While we’re protecting the phones, we’re concerned about the planet. HardGlass Max™ has successfully passed RoHS certification in an independent laboratory – this means that it is environmentally friendly and complies with strict EU directives on heavy metals and hazardous substances (including lead, mercury and cadmium).

Brilliant transparency

Did your previous tempered glasses disturb the image displayed? It happens. But not here! With HardGlass Max™, you’re safe! The crystalline structure of the glass ensures the highest quality of colors and sharpness of the image, so that the use of the smartphone will remain a pure pleasure!

Full protection

Classic glasses protect only the front panel of the phone, ignoring the rounded edges. It’s a good, budget solution, but we recommend glasses in Max version for demanding users. Only the fully covered display guarantees maximum protection of the device.

Precise installation is very easy

Are you afraid of unsightly air bubbles when installing tempered glass? Indeed! Apart from the discomfort, they can make the glass peel off faster. But we solved that problem. The adhesive Inviscid-Sil™ makes it easy to install the protection without air bubbles!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

HardGlass Max™ is toughened glass with the highest scratch resistance (9H). However, the component is not very flexible and therefore brittle. FlexibleGlass Max™ is a hybrid, that is a combination of the best properties of glass and film – scratch resistance and high flexibility.

Yes, HardGlass Max ™ perfectly covers the rounded edges of the screens. In addition, we strengthened the edges, providing additional protection in the event of impacts.

No, there are no problems. Tempered glass has been checked and the screen responds immediately to every touch of the finger.

Set includes:

– HardGlass Max™ (front),
– Anti-Bubble Card™,
– wet cleaning cloth,
– dry cleaning cloth.


Type of protectionTempered glass
Scratch resistance (hardness)9H (hardness according to Wolf-Wilburn, as defined in ASTM D 3363)
Tempering temperature420°C
Thickness0,3 mm
Technologies used• tempered
• reinforced edges
• Inviscid-Sil™ adehsive
• Anti-Crash foil
• oleophobic coating
Warranty24 months (See Warranty Card)