The best charger for Apple

in 3mk Protection history.

Dedicated to Apple products

a fast charger that adapts power to the device


you can always carry it with you

GaN technology

efficient and energy-saving

Your device's

favourite charger

Do you have Apple devices? Well, that works out perfectly! The HARDY® Charger is a charger designed with these devices in mind. iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and AirPods – the HARDY® Charger is perfect for them. It is equipped with Quick Charge and Power Delivery fast charging technologies, so the battery will charge faster than with a standard charger.  The HARDY® Charger is a great solution for people who use their devices extensively at home, at work or on the go.


HARDY® Charger


and energy-saving

This compact and fast charger features an innovative transistor based on a GaN semiconductor. It conducts a higher voltage, so the HARDY® Charger loses less energy to heat than a standard charger. You use less electricity and charging is more efficient. With the HARDY® Charger you save electricity while charging!


The best charger for Apple

in 3mk Protection history.

Charges with a maximum

power of 33W

If you are looking for a modern charger for your device, then go for the HARDY® Charger. It charges quickly with power that adapts to the device while saving electricity. The compact and elegant design complements the devices from Apple perfectly. Choose what is simple, elegant and modern. Choose the HARDY® Charger.


by 3mk Protection

Safe charging


The HARDY® Charger is designed to provide safe charging for your electronic devices. It is made with high-quality non-flammable materials, and is equipped with GaN and Power Delivery technologies that ensure safe charging. Multiple protections are in place to protect your iPhone from voltage variations and overcharging. With the HARDY Charger, you can enjoy fast, efficient, and risk-free charging.


The best charger for Apple

in 3mk Protection history.

Always close.

Always together.

The HARDY® Charger is made for travelling. The charger is sleek and compact, so you can easily fit it into your pocket or handbag. This way you can always have it with you to charge your device when you need it. Where there’s your equipment, there’s the HARDY® Charger.


HARDY® Charger

Technical data:

USB-C - 1 pc

Power max 33W

Devices compatibility:







Set included:

– 3mk HARDY® Charger 


Connector typeUSB Typ C - 1 pc.
Number of powered devices1
TypeMains charger
Warranty24 months
Output voltage [V]5/9/12/15/20
Output current [A]max 3
Power [W]max 33
Fast chargingYes
Cable includedNo

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The charger has a maximum output power of 33W with an output current of 3A.

Yes, the charger is dedicated to Apple products. It adjusts the power to the device.

The charger has 1 USB Type-C port.

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HARDY® Charger

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