The best holder for Apple

in 3mk Protection history.

For iPhone with MagSafe

stable and safe charging while driving

Charging with an output of 15W

a full battery in a concise time

Aluminium casing

efficient heat dissipation during charging

USB-C port

powered by the built-in USB-C port

Charges quickly

Holds steady


For iPhone

with MagSafe technology

This high-tech charger is dedicated to iPhone smartphones with built-in MagSafe technology. The magnetic charger module fits into the phone’s inner magnetic ring, ensuring iPhone fits snugly onto the charging surface. The magnets hold the phone firmly in place, protecting it from falling or changing position while driving. The adjustable bracket enhances the stability of the charger holder on the air vent mount in the vehicle. So, even on bumpy roads, the phone is safe. Stable and comfortable – that’s how your iPhone travels with the HARDY® MagCharger!

Aluminium casing

for improved performance

The energy transfer with an output of 15W requires unique solutions. That’s why the HARDY® MagCharger has an aluminium casing that effectively dissipates heat to prevent the charger and smartphone from heating up. This allows the device to charge at high power for long periods of time without a drop in performance. Choose the HARDY® MagCharger to charge your iPhone efficiently and coolly while driving.

Intelligent charging

with an output of 15W

HARDY® MagCharger charges with an output of 15W Within an hour, your iPhone battery will be fully charged. The charger is compatible with the global Qi inductive charging standard. So you are guaranteed your smartphone is safe despite charging at such high power. Very fast and risk-free – that’s how the HARDY® MagCharger charges!


by the built-in USB-C port

HARDY® MagCharger induction charger is equipped with a user-friendly USB-C port – symmetrical and reversible. Powering the charger via USB-C, you use fast and safe charging technologies: Ultra Charge, Quick Charge and Power Delivery. Choose HARDY® MagCharger to quickly charge more devices!


MagSafe charging is compatible with all iPhones from the 12 series and above, while the HARDY® MagCharger also supports the Qi charging standard, so it will successfully charge any device that has Qi wireless charging.

HARDY® MagCharger is powered by the USB-C cable included in the set, which will draw power from the cigarette lighter socket or from the built-in USB port in the car (cigarette lighter charger is not included).

Please check whether the back surface of the phone is covered with metal materials, such as a plate, ring, metal or too thick protective cover. HARDY® MagCharger has proper protections and it may happen that if it detects foreign metal objects near the magnetic charging surface, it will simply cut off the current to protect the device.

Heating up of inductive chargers – when charging other devices, it’s nothing to worry about, because the production of the magnetic field and, as a result, energy generates a lot of heat, which heats up the battery and the charger itself.

Wireless phone charging is completely safe for the battery and our health. For inductive charging, use high-quality, certified accessories that will ensure safety.


Yes, provided that it supports the Qi wireless charging function. The set includes a magnetic ring, which, when glued to the phone case, makes it possible to successfully use this holder with another phone.

Hardy HARDY® MagCharger charges up to 15W.

Set contains:

– 3mk HARDY® MagCharger 

– charging cable USB-C/USB-A

– magnetic ring

– user manual


Input power9V/2A 5V/2,4A
Output power15W/10W/7,5W/5W
USB connectorTYP-C
Adjustable headYes
The method of attaching the handleTo the air vent
MaterialAluminium +ABS
Guarantee24 months
CompatibilitySince iPhone 12
SecurityOverheating, overvoltage, overcharging

Files to download

HARDY® MagCharger

CE declaration