Perfection in every detail


with MagSafe technology

Premium design

safe, robust materials

Protection based

on Military Grade drop test

Dedicated case

for iPhone 15 series

HARDY® MagFabric Case™

is a genuine work of art: created by hand,

with passion and commitment.

Premium elegance

woven into every fibre

HARDY® MagFabric Case™ it is made of the high-quality fabric, which consists of polyester, polyamide and a specially designed carbide mesh. This material stands out for its fine texture that resembles suede to the touch, while being scratch and stain resistant. On the inside, you will find a soft microfibre, perfectly matching the colour of the fabric.

Discover the harmony of style

and safety in 5 colour variations.


in every detail

Being eco-friendly is our thing. Experience a unique case manufactured with the innovative fabric that consists of up to 68% post-consumer recycled material. This significantly reduces the carbon footprint of the production process. Ensure solid protection for your iPhone 15 and take care of the planet by choosing our HARDY® MagFabric Case™.

Opt for the future

in every detail.


in all conditions

The reliability of the HARDY® MagFabric Case™ has been proven via the Military Grade Logistic Transit Drop Test. It keeps your iPhone 15 protected from drops and scratches even in the toughest of situations.

This is a special case

for special tasks.

The magnetic power

of MagSafe in its full glory

Wireless charging without removing the case? Convenient accessory plugging and unplugging? The case features special built-in magnets that adapt to your iPhone 15 with masterful precision. This solution not only facilitates instant wireless charging, but also makes the use of accessories even more intuitive.

HARDY® MagFabric Case™

your comfort is a priority.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The HARDY® MagFabric Case™ is made from a high-quality fabric that consists of polyester, quinylon and specially designed carbide wire. The material is distinguished by a fine texture that resembles suede to the touch, yet is scratch and dirt resistant. The interior features a soft microfibre fabric.

By choosing the HARDY® MagFabric Case™ you are guaranteed a perfect fit for your MagSafe charger. The case is fully compatible with MagSafe technology on iPhone and Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Thanks to the built-in magnets, it supports inductive charging and works with holders, stands, wallets and other accessories that support MagSafe technology.

Many manufacturers focus on product design. At 3mk Protection design goes hand in hand with attention to testing and safety. The highest level of safety is confirmed by the Military Grade test results and the PZH and RoHS certificates.

Set contains:

– HARDY® MagFabric Case™


Type of protectionCase
Thickness2,7 mm
Product features• Military Grade drop test
• Material: Recycled fabric (polyester, quinone, carbide wire)
• Camera protection
• Screen protection
• Compatible with 3mk Protection glasses and foils
• Supports MagSafe technology
• Safe for health (PZH certificate)
• Environmentally safe (RoHS study report)
Warranty12 months