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Compatible with MagSafe Technology

Remote shooting

Bluetooth remote control

2 in 1 function

Additional tripod option

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Your best shot partner

Unleash your creativity with the HARDY® MagSelfie Stick™! It’s a multifunctional, compact selfie stick, indispensable for anyone who loves to capture the moments in everyday and extreme situations, alone and in groups. The sturdy MagSafe mount, extended range Bluetooth trigger, and the additional mobile tripod function make the HARDY® MagSelfie Stick™ the perfect partner for demanding users: photographers, influencers, and travellers, professionals and enthusiasts.

Stability, thanks to MagSafe

The HARDY® MagSelfie Stick™ is fully compatible with MagSafe technology. Just put your smartphone on it and you’re instantly into action. Powerful magnets hold your device firmly in one position wherever you are. You can work on the move and in difficult terrain conditions. Take great photos and videos while your smartphone is securely fastened. No more concerns about accidental unplugging and falling . You can focus on the here and now.

Work with any smartphone

Do you own a smartphone without the MagSafe system? No problem, because the HARDY® MagSelfie Stick™ has a second mounting option in store. The set contains a special silicone cap. Just put it on the MagSafe ring to get an absolutely versatile shooting partner! You can attach any phone model from 6.1 inches and above, with iOS or Android, to the selfie stick.

Experience true freedom

Forget about limitations! With the HARDY® MagSelfie Stick™ you can take photos and record videos remotely. The Bluetooth remote control with a range of up to 10 metres provides wonderful freedom and convenience for content creation. The adjustable telescopic arm, which extends up to 72 cm, inspires you to experiment with different shots. Even at its highest point, your smartphone is securely mounted and the included trigger gives you full control of operation. Thanks to the swivel head, you can shoot vertically or horizontally – however you like!

Use as a mobile tripod

The HARDY® MagSelfie Stick™ is not just a selfie stick, but also a portable tripod that you can easily take with you to the office and on the go. With just a few moves, you can transform the compact design into a practical tripod with a stable three-legged base. You can use both functions as often and in as many circumstances as you need without worrying about damage. The MagSelfie Stick™ is

made of tested, strong and durable materials such as ABS, PC and aluminium. The HARDY® brand is our commitment to premium quality.

The kit includes:

● HARDY® MagSelfie Stick™
● Silicone attachment cap
● Bluetooth remote control
● Cover
● Instruction manual


Material: ABS + PC + aluminium
Bluetooth signal distance:10 m
Battery: CR1632
Maximum length: 72 cm
Compatibility: IOS and Android


The HARDY® MagSelfie Stick™ uses the MagSafe magnets integrated into the back of MagSafe-compatible iPhones and the magnets of MagSafe-dedicated cases in which we can place a non-MagSafe phone. It can be easily attached to the back of the device, ensuring a strong and stable connection when taking photos and videos.

No, the HARDY® MagSelfie Stick™ has been designed specifically for MagSafe-compatible iPhones, starting with the iPhone 12. For use with older models, we recommend using the add-on silicone cap that is included.

The HARDY® MagSelfie Stick™ works best with MagSafe-compatible cases. If your case is not compatible with MagSafe, it is recommended to use the add-on silicone cap that is included.

No, the HARDY® MagSelfie Stick™ does not require batteries. Power and connection are based on MagSafe magnets. Only the remote shutter release requires a battery. This is a replaceable CR1632 battery.

Yes, the HARDY® MagSelfie Stick™ has an adjustable angle, allowing you to take photos and videos from different perspectives.

Files to download​

HARDY® MagSelfie Stick™

User manual

CE declaration