Where performance meets power

The power of nickel

Hardy® MagSynergy Ni+™, with its modern cells containing increased nickel content, offers exceptional capacity. This means more energy, longer charging cycles, and greater independence.

Revolutionary durability

Nickel-containing cells provide Hardy® MagSynergy Ni+™ with greater resistance to temperature spikes, long life, and increased number of charge and discharge cycles.

Thermal efficiency

Our power bank is characterized by less heating, ensuring safety and efficiency during prolonged use.

Ultra-strong magnet

Our power bank is fitted with a powerful magnet that adheres perfectly to your device. The ease of use and stability of the connection makes charging effortless.

Durable aluminum casing

Elegance and style are no longer just the domain of your phone. Hardy® MagSynergy Ni+™ proudly features an exclusive aluminium casing, adding sophistication to the device.

Dual charging

Why choose which device to charge first? With Hardy® MagSynergy Ni+™, you can charge two devices simultaneously, saving time and eliminating dilemmas.

LED display

Thanks to the clear LED display, you’ll always know how much energy is left in your power bank. Battery status control has never been so simple.

Pass-Through function

Hardy® MagSynergy Ni+™ allows you to charge the device while simultaneously charging the power bank itself. Uninterrupted charging cycles ensure continuous power.

Tailored for MagSafe lovers

Perfect compatibility with the MagSafe system is music to the ears of every iPhone owner. Hardy® MagSynergy Ni+™ is designed with perfect compatibility with your device in mind.

Set composition:​

• Hardy® MagSynergy Ni+™,
• USB-C/USB-C cable,
• product protection foil,
• user manual.


Battery typeHigh-quality lithium polymer
Battery capacity10000mAh / 3,7V/37Wh
Nominal capacity6600mAh (5v/2A)
Input5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A (USB-C/PD)
Output5V/2A, 9V/2.22A, 12V/1A
Wireless output5W/7.5W/15W


Hardy® MagSynergy Ni+™ stands out with its modern cells that contain a higher amount of nickel, translating to exceptional capacity, durability, and thermal efficiency. This ensures more energy, longer charging cycles, and greater independence.

Yes, the magnet is designed to perfectly adhere to your device, ensuring stability during charging without causing any damage.

Hardy® MagSynergy Ni+™ features an exclusive aluminum casing, adding a touch of refinement and elegance to the device.

Yes, with Hardy® MagSynergy Ni+™, you can charge two devices at the same time, saving you time.

 Thanks to the built-in LED display, you can easily monitor the charge level of your power bank.

 Yes, the Pass-Through feature allows you to simultaneously charge the device and the power bank, ensuring a continuous power supply.

Yes, it has been specially designed for excellent compatibility with the MagSafe system, ensuring a perfect fit for your device.

Yes, due to its thermal efficiency, the power bank experiences less heating, ensuring safety and efficiency during prolonged use.

The nominal capacity of a battery is the sum of the capacities of all its cells. In reality, depending on the discharge method, such as using a USB-C 5V-2A port or wireless charging up to 15W, a voltage conversion occurs. This results in the usable capacity being around 65-70% of the nominal capacity. When devices use higher voltage (e.g., QC, PD, Supercharge), the usable capacity is proportionally lower.

Yes, Hardy® MagSynergy Ni+™ meets airline requirements as its capacity does not exceed 100Wh (about 27000mAh), allowing for trouble-free boarding.

MagSafe charging is compatible with all iPhones from series 12 and up. Additionally, Hardy® MagSynergy Ni+™ supports Qi charging standard and

wired charging, enabling the charging of any device with a USB port or Qi wireless charging.

Pass-Through technology allows for the simultaneous charging of the power bank and the connected devices, without damaging the internal battery cells. This ensures the longevity of the cells in Hardy® MagSynergy Ni+™ Furthermore, while charging a smartphone, wireless headphones, or another device, the battery in the power bank also charges. This saves time by eliminating the need to charge each device separately and switch cables.

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