The finest match to your advanced smartphone*

*in the 3mk Protection history.

Designed for flagships

models Perfectly compatible with newer

iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models

Premium materials

Strong silicone construction

and microfibre-lined interior

Extremely robust

Reliability of protection proven

in Military Grade tests

Mercedes among cases

for Apple & Samsung flagships

HARDY® Silicone MagCase™

is 100% compatible with your

advanced smartphone

HARDY® Silicone MagCase™ is synonymous with quality and security at a level for the discerning. The case is fully compatible with the MagSafe system. Thanks to the built-in magnets, it supports fast and convenient wireless charging – of iPhones and newer Samsung Galaxy models.

With the HARDY® Silicone MagCase™,

you are guaranteed that your

induction charger will fit

perfectly on your phone.

Choose the colour,

that vibrates best

with you*

*The different colour variants of the HARDY® Case are currently only available for iPhone smartphones. The HARDY® Silicone MagCase™ for Samsung Galaxy comes in black.

We have selected the colours of the HARDY® Silicone MagCase™

based on the feelings and opinions of our regular customers

to be as close as possible to the colour range of the

iPhone models. However, they are not identical.

Iconic equipment

needs flagship protection

The HARDY® Silicone MagCase™ truly protects your (un)precious smartphone from scratches, cracks and damage from drops and other incidents. The premium material construction and the highest, Military Grade test scores build a wonderful sense of confidence that you have optimally protected your equipment. High-grade silicone makes the phone fit perfectly in the hand.

Worries about your smartphone slipping out of your

hand can be put aside once and for all!

Premium case

worthy of your flagship

The unique silicone from which we have constructed the HARDY® Silicone MagCase™ determines the elegant design, the perfect smoothness and softness to the touch and the extraordinary durability. The case is resistant to high and low temperatures. It exhibits hydrophobic and anti-adhesion properties. It repels water molecules, does not deform, does not change colour and is hypoallergenic. Possible stains can be removed in one swift movement. The interior of the HARDY® Silicone MagCase™ is lined with soft microfibre for the finest adhesion and extra protection against damage.

HARDY® Silicone MagCase™ appears to be designed

and tailored specifically for your smartphone.

Order and experience the perfection of fit.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

The HARDY® Silicone MagCase™ is made of polycarbonate (PC) and selected silicone. The lining has been woven from microfibre. The case also has built-in magnets. This ensures full compatibility with MagSafe chargers, other wireless chargers, and magnetic accessories.

The HARDY® Silicone MagCase™ excels at protection with its durability, strength and ease of care. The case is hypoallergenic and will not discolour. Alcohol-based cleaning products can be safely used to clean it. An important distinguishing feature of the HARDY® Silicone MagCase™ is also the support of MagSafe technology.

Many manufacturers focus mainly on the visual side of the case. In the HARDY® Silicone MagCase™, great design goes hand in hand with attention to quality, functionality and safety. We have irrefutable proof: Military Grade – Logistic Transit Drop Test results and PZH and RoHS certificates.

Set included:

– HARDY® Silicone MagCase™


Type of protectionCase
Thickness2 mm
Technologies used• Military Grade drop test
• Made of soft, flexible silicone, micro-fibre, and polycarbonate
• Smooth, matt finish resistant to traces of use
• Elevated edges around the screen
• Camera protection
• EasyClick™ Buttons technology
• Machine washable
• Compatible with 3mk Protection glasses and foils
• Supports MagSafe technology
• Safe for health (PZH certificate)
• Environmentally safe (RoHS study report)
Warranty12 months