Super-hard glass (9H)

with Full Screen protection

Easy installation

thanks to applicator and Easy Fit Technology

Antimicrobial layer

perfect screen cleanliness

Ultra Pure HD technology

provides the depth of displayed colours

Hardest glass,

easiest installation

in 3mk Protection history

The hardest glass in the applicator duo

The icon among screen protectors, the super-hard HARDY® tempered glass, has gained a worthy companion! Hardy® can now be purchased in a duo with a dedicated applicator, which allows you to easily apply the glass to the screen – with a guaranteed perfect result on the first attempt. The set is ideal for discerning smartphone users who want to be sure of the most robust screen protection and save time by fitting the glass themselves.

Smartphone screen under strict protection

HARDY® is synonymous with quality and safety, even for the most demanding. The glass provides solid protection for the screen against shattering and scratching. It fits tightly to the screen and perfectly covers every square millimetre of its surface. The 9H hardness rating means that nothing (other than a diamond) can scratch a display protected with this product. A 5-hour hardening process at 400 degrees, chemical reinforcement and a multi-layer structure translate into a strength that is hard to compete with.

Perfect installation in the blink of an eye

You can apply the HARDY® glass to your smartphone screen yourself – quickly and perfectly, without dust particles or subsequent attempts, regardless of the environment and your experience. The included disposable applicator guarantees a successful installation. It’s not a problem if you are doing it for the first time. Installation with the applicator simply has to be successful! The fit of the protection to the display is further facilitated by Easy Fit technology, a special adhesive on the glass.

Perfectly cleaned screen

With HARDY® you will forget about dust particles and other dirt between the glass and the display! Included with Hardy®, a cleaning strip is attached to the applicator. It allows you to quickly and effectively remove dust from the screen and prepare it for glass application. In a matter of moments, your phone’s display will be fully protected against shattering and scratches, installed as in a professional shop. In addition, for the safety of smartphone users, we have enriched the structure of HARDY® glass with a specialised antimicrobial layer with silver nanoparticles. The invisible coating keeps the screen hygienically clean, eliminating up to 99% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and mould.

Enjoy vivid colours and full functionality

HARDY® glass is ultra-thin and crystal clear. In addition, it has been enhanced by us with Ultra Pure HD technology. It offers full image clarity and perfect colour reproduction. The Hardy® protected screen retains its original responsiveness, responding to every touch. It is a timely solution, compatible with modern fingerprint readers and facial recognition systems.

Set contains:

• 3mk HARDY® Tempered glass™,

• applicator,

• squeege,

• InstallationSet™.


Yes. HARDY® Tempered glass™ is compatible with all cases from 3mk and with most cases available on the market.
HARDY® Tempered glass™ does not affect the touch sensitivity of the screen.
HARDY® Tempered glass™ is additionally chemically reinforced, making it more resistant to scratches, cracks and damage.
The applicator is used for the precise and fast installation of glass in all conditions – without specialist skills.