*in 3mk Protection history.

Super hard

Solid screen protection

Full Screen

Perfectly covers the entire screen surface


Compatible with Face ID and Finger Print

Hardest protection

in the market

For demanding smartphone users, we created Hardy® – a super hard glass that guarantees a solid screen protection against cracking and scratches.


9H hardness means that nothing with scratch the display, except… a diamond.

Keyrings, coins and sharp sand edges are completely harmless for a screen protected with the Hardy® glass.

The hardest glass

in 3mk Protection history

Hardy® is perfect for people who use

high-quality smartphones, choose state-of-the-art protective

technologies and want to be sure that their display will be as new.

It protects every

centimetre of the screen

Hardy® fits tightly to the screen, covering it completely and protecting the entire display surface.
Precise cuts in the glass guarantee that the sensors and the front camera are fully functional, while being well protected against damage.


Hardy® ensures that each square centimetre of your smartphone screen is always in perfect shape, regardless of circumstances.


with the newest solutions

Hardy® is a modern glass. Compatible with modern finger print readers and the display’s Face ID. Perfect responsiveness to touch is ensured by the Easy Fit technology.


Hardy® is thin and crystal clear, preventing interference in the face recognition system. With Hardy®, you receive the best protection in a modern and exclusive edition.

Fast and perfect


You can fit Hardy® quickly and more importantly – perfectly. We used the Easy Fit technology, i.e. a special glue, for anyone to be able to perfectly fit the glass to the screen without wasting too much time. The accessories delivered with Hardy® facilitate perfect fitting.


Hardy® for iPhones features an additional anti-static layer that prevents dust from adhering to the screen when fitting the glass. It only takes a moment for your smartphone display to gain complete protection against cracking and scratches.

Tempered glass

premium edition

High-quality smartphones deserve the best protection available in the market.
That is why we made Hardy® – glass tempered for almost 5 hours at 400 degrees, reinforced chemically and consisting of 5 layers. The production technology guarantees full resistance against mechanical damage.
That’s not all.


For full comfort of use, Hardy features a high-quality oleophobic layer that ensures perfect finger sliding and high screen sensitivity to touch. On the other hand, the microphobic layer is enriched with silver nanoparticles and will keep you screen perfectly clean by discreetly eliminating viruses, fungi and mould. Hardy® offers full image clarity and perfect colour reproduction (Ultra Pure HD).

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Hardy® is compatible with all 3mk cases and most cases available on the market.

Hardy® glass does not affect the touch sensitivity of the screen.

Hardy® is additionally chemically reinforced, making it more resistant to scratches, cracks and damage.

Set contains:

– 3mk HARDY®, squeegee, installation set. 

Hardy glass, with its engraved logo in the top left corner, guarantees that you buy a genuine and certified product from a verified supplier.