Hydro Case

Feel the adventure


Universal compatibility for smartphones with screen sizes up to 7 inches

Waterproof & dustproof

It protects against sand, dust and water. IPX8 class waterproof certificate guarantees safe immersion of the device up to 10 meters

Swim & dive

Perfect for swimming and diving adventures

Underwater shots

Capture underwater escapades in a frame


This case is truly versatile

The Hydro Case from 3mk Protection is a versatile waterproof case designed to accommodate any device with a screen size of up to 7 inches. The Hydro Case is the perfect companion for your holiday adventures, providing protection against sand, dust, and water, regardless of your smartphone model. With the Hydro Case, you can have the confidence that your smartphone is secure even in the most extreme conditions!

Complete protection against sand, dust, and water with the Hydro Case

Complete production against sand, dust and water with the Hydro Case

Your phone can be incredibly useful on holiday, but water, sand, and dust are its three main adversaries that can cause irreversible damage. There’s no need to take any risks! The Hydro Case boasts an IPX8 waterproof certification, guaranteeing that your device can be safely submerged up to 10 metres deep. This enables you to capture photos and videos not only while swimming in the sea or pool, but also during diving and full underwater submersion. With the Hydro Case, you can also enjoy the beach without worrying about sand and dust infiltrating your smartphone’s nooks and crannies.

Swim and dive with your smartphone

Now you can take your mobile on a water-based holiday without worry. Utilise the handy lanyard to hang the case around your neck or hold it in your hand, ensuring your phone remains optimally protected and always with you, even when swimming. The Hydro Case will flawlessly safeguard your phone during a swim in the sea, an exhilarating kayaking adventure, or a visit to the pool. It enables you to capture the splendid underwater world, as it also allows you to utilise the device whilst diving.

Capture your underwater adventures

The Hydro Case is an essential summer holiday companion that not only permits the safe use of your phone in harsh conditions but also enables you to capture fantastic moments in photos and videos. Constructed from flexible, soft plastic, the case is both durable and thin enough to ensure comfortable phone usage. With the Hydro Case, you can effortlessly capture unforgettable memories from your diving trips and underwater adventures in photos and videos!


Set contains:

• 3mk Hydro Case,

• lanyard


Max phone size7"
MaterialPVC + ABS
Waterproof classIPX8
max depth10 m

FAQ - Frequenly Asked Questions

Indeed, our Hydro Case is completely waterproof. It boasts an IPX8 certification, allowing you to dive up to a depth of 10 metres without any worries.

Absolutely! The Hydro Case is designed to accommodate all phones up to 7 inches in size.

Besides your phone, you can store any smaller devices that fit inside, such as sports cameras. It’s also perfect for safely stashing non-electronic items like ATM cards or cash.

The case envelops the device within, crafting a secure haven that effectively keeps water at bay.