Hyper Cable 100W

Type-C to Type-C

One cable, many possibilities

PVC coating

You can be sure it will not break


Connect your phone, tablet or laptop

QC and PD technologies

You can charge your device instantly

Extremely practical

Durable and long – this is our USB Type-C to Type-C cable. The PVC coating strengthens the cable and allows you to use it for many years. Its two metres in length allow you to use your phone or tablet freely during charging. Are you looking for a cable that is practical and comfortable to use? Then, our Hyper Cable will be perfect!

An all-purpose cable

You open the drawer and there are many tangled cables. A nightmare. Why bother looking for the correct one when you can have a single universal cable? You can easily connect our Hyper Cable to a smartphone, tablet or even laptop. After connecting it, you can charge it and transfer data – files, photos or videos. Don’t look for cables anymore, choose the Hyper Cable USB Type-C to Type-C, a cable for everything!

Charges high adequate power

Quickly, efficiently and effectively – this is how our Hyper Cable charges devices. The Quick Charge 3.0 and Power Delivery technologies used in the cable allow you to charge your phone, tablet and laptop at 100W in a very short time. Choose the Hyper Cable USB Type-C to Type-C and a drained battery will cease to be a problem.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

USB-C to USB-C 100W 5A

Yes, it is compatible with POWER DELIVERY (PD) and QUICK CHARGE (QC).

Yes, all our charging cables support data transfer.

The cables are covered with strong and durable PVC. The tips are made of aluminium and polycarbonate.
Inside, solid copper wires are used for the highest quality of use.

Hyper Cable

USB-C to C 2m 100W


Hyper Cable
Length2 m
Materialaluminum + PVC
Functionloading + data transfer
Weight64 g
Max. moc100W

Files to download

USB-C to C 2m 100W

CE declaration