Hyper Cable

A/C to C/Micro/Lightning

Combining Convenience
with Versatility

Good quality, durable materials

Made for durability and reliability.

3 different tips

Compatible with many devices

Ideal Length 1.5m

Comfortable to use

Good Quality,
Durable Materials

Our Hyper Cable 3in1™ is synonymous with durability and reliability. Made from the highest-quality materials, this cable will withstand hours of intensive use, ensuring stable and dependable connections.

Combining Convenience
with Versatility

3 Different Endings - Compatible with Various Devices

Need a single solution for all your devices? Hyper Cable 3in1™ has what you need! Equipped with three different endings (USB-C, Micro USB, and Lightning), it is compatible with various brands and models of devices. Finally, one cable for all your needs.

Ideal Length of 1.5m - Convenience in Use

With a length of 1.5 meters, Hyper Cable 3in1™ provides you with the freedom to use your devices while charging. You don’t need to sit right next to the socket – now you can relax and use your devices with a comfortable cable length.

Hyper Cable 3in1™ is offered in two different color options to meet different user tastes and preferences. You can choose a classic white cable to match most environments, or a sleek black cable to add a modern touch to your devices. Regardless of the color choice, Hyper Cable 3in1™ maintains its reliability and versatility, offering high quality and durability.

Discover how Hyper Cable 3in1™ can simplify your life. Choose reliability and versatility now.

Set contains:

• Hyper Cable 3in1™

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Hyper Cable 3in1™ is a versatile cable that connects three different ends: USB-C, Micro USB and Lightning. It is designed for convenience and compatibility with various devices.

Yes, Hyper Cable 3in1™ is compatible with a wide range of devices, including those with a USB-C, Micro USB or Lightning tip. With three different ends, we’re sure you’ll find the right option for your device.

The Hyper Cable 3in1™ has a length of 1.5 meters, giving you the freedom to use your devices while charging.

Yes, Hyper Cable 3in1™ is covered by our warranty for quality and durability. Therefore, you can be sure that you are getting a quality product.

Yes, Hyper Cable 3in1™ is compatible with multiple fast charging standards, allowing you to efficiently and quickly charge compatible devices – 12W max.

Hyper Cable 3in1™ is for charging, not for data transfer.

It is currently available in two colour options: white and black.


NameHyper Cable 3in1™
TypeUSB typu A/C do C/Micro/Lightning
Length1,5 m
MaterialAluminum + TPV
Max. power12W
Weight30 g

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Hyper Cable 3in1™

CE declaration