Hyper Cable 4K60Hz

USB Type-C to Type-C

Unmatched transmission quality

High quality of audio and video transmission

Enjoy a sharp picture and clean sound

Double shielding

Picture and sound without any interference

Quick data transmission

Download large files without losing any time

Highest quality transmission

Our USB Type-C to Type-C cable guarantees the highest picture and sound quality. It enables audio and video transmission at 60FPS and 4K resolution. This makes the picture always sharp and sound free of any interference. When connecting devices using our cable, you really enjoy watching movies and listening to music.

Interference reduction

We used double shielding to make audio and video transmission even better. The cable’s modern design minimises interference in signal transmission, thereby maintaining the highest picture and sound quality. The shielding also limits electromagnetic radiation. With the Hyper Cable Type-C to Type-C, you can be sure that nothing interferes with your perfect sound and image reception.

Supports state-of-the-art technologies

Quick data transfer up to 5Gbit, USB 3.1 as well as Quick Charge and Power Delivery technologies support ensure that the cable will instantly transmit data as well as audio and video signals. This allows shortening the download time of large files with photographs, videos or computer games to a minimum. Moreover, the Hyper Cable will instantly charge a phone, laptop and tablet. Same time by charging devices and sending files with our cable!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

USB-C to USB-C 100W 5A

Yes, it is compatible with POWER DELIVERY (PD) and QUICK CHARGE (QC).

Yes, all our charging cables support data transfer. The cable also supports 4k60Hz audio and video transmission.

The cables are covered with strong and durable PVC. The tips are made of aluminium and polycarbonate. Inside, solid copper wires are used for the highest quality of use.

Hyper Cable 4K60Hz

USB-C to C 1m 100W


Hyper Cable 4K60Hz
Length1 m
Materialaluminum + PVC
Functionloading + data transfer + audio + video
Weight38 g
Max. power100W

Files to download

USB-C to C 1m 100W

CE declaration