Hyper Cable USB-A to USB-C™

Uninterrupted performance

Express data and power transfer

Don’t waste your time

Robust finish

Resistant to twisting and breaking

1.2m length

Comfortable to use

Don't waste time with express data and power transfer!

Introducing Hyper Cable USB-A to USB-C™ 1.2m 3A – a cable that pushes the limits of speed and performance. Designed for users who value not only quality, but also speed. With Hyper Cable USB-A to USB-C™, transferring data or charging devices becomes a matter of moments. With the ability to transfer up to 3A of current, our cable provides extremely fast charging and data transfer. Accelerate your experience with technology, don’t waste time waiting.

Enjoy durability
and a solid finish!

The Hyper Cable USB-A to USB-C™ is not only efficient, but also extremely durable. Resistant to twisting and breaking, thanks to its solid workmanship with high-quality materials, it is a guarantee of long-lasting use. Durability you can trust will ensure trouble-free use of your devices without worrying about damaging the cable.

The cable is available in two universal colours: white and black.

Convenient use thanks to its perfect length of 1.2m!

Our carefully balanced cable with length of 1.2m ensures comfort and convenience, no matter how or where you use it. Ideal for both desktop use and travel.

Set contains:

• Hyper Cable USB-A to USB-C™

1,2 m / 3A / 60W

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The Hyper Cable USB-A to USB-C™ cable is compatible with devices that have type A or C inputs. We always recommend checking the specifications of your device before purchasing.

The 3A current in the Hyper Cable USB-A to USB-C™ means that the cable allows fast charging of devices and data transfer. The 3A current is higher than standard cables, which translates into faster charging and transfer.

Yes, the Hyper Cable USB-A to USB-C™ 1.2m 3A cable is designed with high-quality materials that provide resistance to twisting and breaking.

The length of Hyper Cable USB-A to USB-C™ 1.2m 3A cable is 1.2 meters.

If your cable stops working, please contact our customer service department. Hyper Cable USB-A to USB-C™ 1.2m 3A cable comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Yes, the Hyper Cable USB-A to USB-C™ 1.2m 3A cable not only allows you to charge your devices, but also a high- speed data transfer.


NameHyper Cable USB-A to USB-C™
TypeUSB typu A do C
Length1,2 m
MaterialAluminum + TPV
FunctionCharging + data transfer
TechnologiesPower Delivery, Extended Power Range
Data transmission480 Mbps
Max. power60W
Weight30 g

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Hyper Cable USB-A to USB-C™

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