Hyper Cable USB-C to Lightning™

Quality without compromise

Express data and power transfer

Don’t waste your time


Robust finish
and durable materials

Resistant to twisting and breakin

1.2 m length

Comfortable to use

Uncompromising quality

The Hyper Cable USB-C to Lightning™ is a top-of-the-range cable designed for discerning users of Apple devices. It is composed of premium components and materials including state-of-the-art TPE plastic. It is durable and solidly finished. It won’t break or crack and works efficiently even in extreme conditions. The Hyper Cable USB-C to Lightning™ supports your mobility anytime, anywhere. Without compromise.

Speed & compatibility

Hyper Cable USB-C to Lightning™ provides express and stable data transfer and fast and secure charging not only for iPhones but also for other Lightning-connected devices. Armed with the latest technology, it allows you to transfer data with maximum bandwidth and charge your devices at full power.

Unsurpassed ease of use

The optimally balanced length of 1.2 metres, combined with a high degree of flexibility, allows you to conveniently connect your devices – at home, at work, at school and while travelling. You can freely manoeuvre the cable both on the tabletop and in tight spaces behind furniture. The strong and resilient cable does not get tangled. You can easily unroll it, plug it in, coil it up and store it. You use the Hyper Cable USB-C to Lightning™ as often as you need. Always comfortable and secure.

The white and black
side of power

The look of an iPhone cable matters – as do all accessories dedicated to Apple devices. That’s why when designing the Hyper Cable USB-C to Lightning™, we focused on the design as much as the interior. What’s more, we created not one, but two colour versions. You can choose between two elegant, timeless colours: white and black. Decide which side of power suits you and your appliances better.

Set contains:

• Hyper Cable USB-C to Lightning™

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The Hyper Cable USB-C to Lightning™ 1.2m 20W is a type of cable used to connect Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad or AirPods to devices that support the USB-C standard, such as modern laptops, computers or chargers.

This cable enables fast charging and data synchronisation between Apple devices and other devices with a USB-C port.

Yes, the cable is generally compatible with Apple devices with a Lightning port, such as iPhone, iPad, AirPods, etc. However, make sure your devices support the communication and power standards used by the cable.

Yes, this cable usually supports fast charging technology, which allows you to charge your battery much faster compared to standard USB cables. However, it is worth making sure that the devices that use the cable also support this technology.

Yes, this cable not only allows you to charge your devices, but also to transfer data such as media files, music or backups.

To take advantage of the iPhone’s fast charging feature, it is recommended to use a USB-C to Lightning cable with a suitable charger that also supports fast charging.

Yes, this cable is typically bi-directional, meaning it can be used to charge both an Apple device and other devices with a Lightning port.


NameHyper Cable USB-C to Lightning™
TypeUSB-C - Lightning
Length1,2 m
Current5/9V, 2.23/2.4A
FunctionCharging + data transfer
Data transmission480 Mbps
Max. power20W
Weight30 g

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Hyper Cable USB-C to Lightning™

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