Hyper Car Charger 100W

Its charging rate and power are astonishing

Power Delivery technology

Instant device charging

Two USB ports

The device charges a phone and laptop at the same time

Led Light

Comfortable charging in the dark

Charge instantly

Do you use your telephone in the car often? Then the Hyper Car Charger 100W is the perfect solution for you. Charge your phone instantly thanks to the Power Delivery technology which allows a 100W power delivery via the USB-C port. Just connect it and you have a full battery in no time. With the Hyper Car Charger 100W, you can be sure that your call will not be interrupted due to a dead battery.

Be fully mobile

Your passenger’s telephone needs a dose of energy? No problem. Thanks to our car charger, you can charge two devices at the same time via the USB-A and USB-C ports. Moreover, you can connect a phone and a laptop to the charger. With the Hyper Car Charger 100W, you and your passenger are simply fully mobile.

See more with Led Light

We made sure using our charger is fully comfortable. When travelling at night, a gentle LED light will show you the USB port to enable you to connect your phone or laptop. You don’t have to take your eyes off the road to charge your phone battery. Practical and convenient solution. Moreover, the Led Light function matches the modern design of the Hyper Car Charger 100W and the charger looks appealing inside any car.

Charge safely

Safety while driving is a priority for us. The Hyper Car Charger 100W features overvoltage protection to ensure safety of your phone and laptop charging. The protection prevents the risk of short circuiting during charging and the use of the charger is fully comfortable. Are you seeking for a trusty travel companion? Choose the Hyper Car Charger 100W with overvoltage protection!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The charger has a maximum power output of 5A (up to 4.5A for the USB-A port; 5A for the USB-C port). USB-C POWER DELIVERY (PD) 100W, USB-A QUICK CHARGE (QC) 3.0 22.5W. USB-A + USB-C – 22,5W + 45W.

Yes, it is compatible with POWER DELIVERY (PD3.0) and QUICK CHARGE (QC3.0).

The charger has 1 USB Type-C input and one USB-A input.

Set includes:

Hyper Car Charger 100W – 1 pc


Connector typeUSB Typ C - 1 pc / USB Typ A - 1 pc
Number of powered devices2
TypeCar charger
Warranty24 months
Max output USB-Cmax PD 3.0 100W
Max output USB-Amax QC 3.0 22,5W
Max output USB-C + USB-Amax 45W + 22,5W
Fast chargingTak
Cable includedNie

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Hyper Car Charger 100W

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