Charger 140W

Highest charging standard

5 USB ports

charges up to 5 devices simultaneously

GaN technology

charges efficiently while saving energy


charges any device with a USB input

Quickly charges up to 5 devices at once

The 140W Hyper Charger charges up to five different devices simultaneously with a power output of 140W using Quick Charge and Power Delivery fast charging technology. This ensures that, in a short time, the batteries in smartphones, laptops or tablets are full again and the devices are ready for use. Ideal for travel – instead of five chargers, you take one – the Hyper Charger 140W. Your mobile life is made easier with this charger!

Charges productively and energy-efficiently

The 140W Hyper Charger charges more efficiently while saving electricity. The charger uses an innovative transistor based on a GaN semiconductor, which minimises energy loss in the form of heat. Therefore, the charging process is highly efficient and your electricity bill is lower. The Hyper Charger 140W is a practical eco-solution for these times.

Connects devices and people

Smartphone, laptop, tablet, headphones, watch and other devices with a USB input – you can charge them all with the Hyper Charger 140W. Therefore, this is the ideal charger for family, employees and travellers. Importantly, charging 5 devices is safe, as the charger has surge protection that adapts the voltage to the type of device connected. 5 devices, 5 people and 5 opportunities to meet around one charger (-: What is your decision? Are you in?

Delights in design

Compact, elegant and modern – that’s what the Hyper Charger 140W is. The GaN technology used in the charger means that the high charging power has been able to be contained in a compact device This allows our charger to fit in your pocket and in your bag to connect your smartphone, tablet, laptop or headphones whenever you need it. The Hyper Charger 140W is great power in a compact form!

Technical data:

USB-A - 2 pcs

USB-C - 3 pcs

Power max 140W

Devices compatibility:







Set contains:

• Hyper Charger 140W


Connector typeUSB Typ C - 3 pcs. / USB Typ A - 2 pcs.
Number of powered devices5
TypeMains charger
Warranty24 months
Output voltage [V]5/9/12/15/20
Output current [A]max 5
Power [W]max 140
Fast chargingYes
Cable includedNo

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The charger has a maximum output power of 140W with an output current of 5A.

Yes, the charger supports all popular brand technologies, as well as PPS/PD3.0/QC4+

The charger has 3 USB Type-C ports and 2 USB Type-A ports.

Files to download​

Hyper Charger 140W

CE declaration