Hyper Charger 65W

Speed & Power


quickly charge any device, even your laptop

Charge more

connect up to 3 devices at once

Led Light

charge even in total darkness

GaN Technology

new quality of charging

Save time with Quick Charge

Are you in a hurry and your smartphone is dead? No problem. It takes a really short time to charge devices with Quick Charge 3.0. The QC technology used in the charger increases the voltage of the current flowing to your device, so you reduce charging time by up to several tens of minutes throughout the day. This is great for people who use mobile devices extensively. Importantly, QC technology is completely safe for the battery.

GaN – new quality of charging

A super quick charger that can easily fit in your pocket. It uses an innovative transistor based on the GaN semi-conductor, making the charger very effective, energy-efficient and compact. A small and elegant box that charges devices with great power. Thanks to Hyper Charger 65W, you will discover a new quality of charging.

Charge any device

We bet on powerful charging for all your mobile devices. That’s why we designed our 65W charger with Power Delivery (PD) technology to deliver high power through a USB-C type connector. Importantly, the transfer rate is tailored to the type of device connected. So you can easily charge not only your smartphone and tablet, but also a large laptop. With our charger you will become truly mobile.

Led Light will brighten the darkness

You never again have to search in the dark for a charger plugged into a socket. The middle port of our charger gently glows in the dark to indicate where to plug in the cable to charge your device. The Led Light solution perfectly matches the stylish design of the charger. Functional, visually pleasing and comfortable.

Charge more than one device

We created the perfect charger for anyone with more than one mobile device. It charges up to 3 devices at once! Now your dead laptop doesn’t have to wait for your smartphone to get charged. Simply connect everything at once. Convenient and fast. What’s more, your friends’ and family members’ devices can also get connected to your charger (-:

Technical data:

USB-A - 1 pc

USB-C - 2 pcs

Power max 65W

Devices compatibility:







Set included:

Hyper Charger 65W – 1 pc


Connector typeUSB Typ C - 2 pcs / USB Typ A - 1 pc
Number of powered devices3
TypeMains charger
Warranty12 months
Output voltage [V]5V/9V/12V/15V
Output current [A]max 5A
Power [W]max 65
Fast chargingYes
Cable includedNo

Outputs Guideline:

USB-C1 only:65W MAX
USB-C2 only:33W MAX
USB-A only:30W MAX
USB-C1+USB-C2:45W+18W (63W MAX)
USB-C1+USB-A:45W+18W (63W MAX)
USB-C1+USB-C2+USB-A45W+15W (60W MAX)

Files to download

Hyper Charger 65W

CE declaration