Hyper Charging Station 240W™

Energy suited to you!

240W of power

Maximum output of 240W, one USB-C up to 140W

4 ports

Charge up to four devices at once

One charger for all devices

Energy at home or home office


suited to you

Efficient and energy-saving charging

The Hyper Charging Station 240W™ is a state-of-the-art charging station boasting 240 watts of power. It’s perfect for charging mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and cameras, as it features three USB-C ports and one USB-A port. With up to 140 watts of charging power on a single USB-C port, you can rest assured that your devices will be charged in record time.

Crucially, the Hyper Charging Station™ offers highly efficient charging while ensuring energy efficiency. This is achieved through its innovative GaN semiconductor-based transistor, which minimises energy loss in the form of heat.

Charge up to 4 devices simultaneously

The Hyper Charging Station 240W™ can charge up to four different devices at once. What’s more, all of them at full capacity. This means your smartphones, laptops, or tablets will be fully charged and ready for use in no time.

The Hyper Charging Station 240W™ is the ideal solution for travel, office, or home use – rather than multiple chargers, you have a single universal charging station at your disposal to charge all your devices.

Guaranteed comfort of use

Thanks to its compact size and four USB ports, the Hyper Charging Station 240W™ is an invaluable tool wherever you need it. This is no ordinary power bank; it’s a professional charging station with immense power! Equipped with silicone pads, a practical stand, and a 2-metre soft braided cable, it’s designed to fit your needs perfectly.

Intelligent and safe charging

With the Hyper Charging Station 240W™, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your devices, no matter how many you connect simultaneously. The station features intelligent power control and full surge protection, ensuring completely safe charging for multiple devices. The risk of short circuits during charging has been reduced to zero.

The Hyper Charging Station 240W™ offers comprehensive protection on multiple levels. It safeguards against over-voltage and short circuits, as well as overcharging, over-discharge, and high or reverse voltage. Feel safe with the Hyper Charging Station 240W™!

Technical data:

USB-A - 1 pc

USB-C - 3 pcs

Power max 240W

Devices compatibility:







Set contains:

• 3mk Hyper Charging Station 240W™,
• station stand,
• self-adhesive feet,
• power cable,
• manual.


Number of powered devices4
Connector typeUSB Type C - 3 pcs / USB Type A - 1 pc
TypeCharging station
Output voltage3V/5V/9V/12V/15V/20V/28V
Output current:5A max.
Quick chargingYes
Power cableYes
Power240W max.


The charger has a maximum output power of 240W. You can connect 4 devices to the charger at the same time.
Yes, it is compatible with POWER DELIVERY (PD3.0) and QUICK CHARGE (QC3.0) as well as PPS. Using cables with an e-marker chip, you can charge devices with a power of 140W.
The charger has 3 USB Type-C inputs and one USB-A input.