Hyper GaN Charger 33W

Big power in a small package

Two USB ports

Charges two mobile devices simultaneously

GaN technology

Charges efficiently while saving energy

Minimalist design

Fits in any pocket

Put it in your pocket

In developing the Hyper GaN Charger 33W, we opted for a modern design and compact size. The charger is sleek and will easily fit into a pocket, handbag or waist bag. So now you can always have the charger with you to charge your phone, tablet and laptop when you need it.  Handy and powerful – that’s what the Hyper GaN Charger 33W is!

Charge quickly
and economically

We have used an innovative transistor based on a GaN semiconductor in the Hyper GaN Charger 33 W. Consequently, battery charging is highly efficient and energy-saving despite the compact size of the charger. You can connect the two devices, fully charge the batteries and then put the charger in your pocket. The Hyper GaN Charger 33W is convenience and speed worth experiencing!

Charge more
than one device

USB-A and USB-C ports to charge up to two devices simultaneously. Both ports charge at 33W, so you have a full battery on your phone, tablet or laptop again in no time. The Hyper GaN Charger 33W is an essential charger if you use your private and business phone heavily. Increase your mobility with Hyper GaN Charger 33W!

Enjoy it longer

The Hyper GaN Charger  33W is made of high-quality plastic to charge your devices with power for years to come. It is resistant to mechanical damage so you can take it with you even on the most distant journeys. Discover a new quality of charging with the Hyper GaN Charger 33W!

Technical data:

USB-A - 1 pc

USB-C - 1 pc

Power max 33W

Devices compatibility:







Set included:

– Hyper GaN Charger 33W – 1 pc


Connector typeUSB Typ C - 1 pc / USB Typ A - 1 pc
Number of powered devices2
TypeMains charger
Warranty12 months
Output voltage [V]9V/12V/20V
Output current [A]max 3A
Power USB-C [W]max 33W
Power USB-A [W]max 18W
Fast chargingYes
Cable includedNo

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The charger has a maximum output power of 33W with an output current of 3A. You can connect 2 devices to the charger at once.

Yes, it is compatible with POWER DELIVERY (PD3.0) and QUICK CHARGE (QC3.0) as well as PPS.

The charger has 1 USB Type-C port and one USB-A port.

Files to download

Hyper GaN Charger 33W

CE declaration

User manual