Hyper Silicone Cable 100W

Type-C to Type-C

Two metres of highest quality

Robust and durable

600% stronger with gold-plated ends

Comfortable to use

Easy coiling and connection, white or black, as requested

Charging at 100W

Its properties do not degrade even at extreme temperatures

Extremely robust and durable

Are you looking for a reliable cable? Choose our Hyper Silicone Cable – a cable that will not break and is highly resistant to corrosion. The silicone material used in the cable is 600% stronger than in standard cables and the gold-plated ends are substantially more robust than ordinary plugs. Moreover, the gold-plated ends ensure better conductivity. The strong and elegant Hyper Silicone Cable will not let you down!

Comfortable to use

It is flexible, thin and has 2 metres in length. The cable is nearly perfect. You can easily coil our Hyper Silicone Cable and put it in your pocket or purse. You can thus always have it with you and charge your device whenever you need it. Its length of 2 metres enables you to connect the cable even if the mains socket is in a very uncomfortable spot, e.g. behind a wardrobe. The cable is available in two colours: black and white. Uncoil, connect, coil it and put it in your pocket – charging is so easy with the Hyper Silicone Cable!

Charges with adequate power in any conditions

Our cable charges devices at 100W in any conditions. Extreme heat or freezing cold – it makes no difference for the Hyper Silicone Cable. We used a silicone material that is highly resistant to temperatures and retains its properties even at 200 and minus 60 degrees Celsius. Get the cable from a heated trunk and connect it, and the device will be charged as fast and easy as at room temperature. Choose the Hyper Silicone Cable for extreme situations!

Case Friendly

You can easily connect our cable to a device protected with a thick case. Smart grooves in the gold-plated plugs make it easy to connect the cable to the socket of a smartphone, tablet or notebook. Fast and comfortable. A CE – ROHS certificate (no harmful substances to humans and the environment) guarantees the cable’s safety.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

USB-C to USB-C 100W 5A

Yes, it is compatible with POWER DELIVERY (PD) and QUICK CHARGE (QC).

Yes, all our charging cables support data transfer.

The cables are covered with strong, durable and hypoallergenic silicone. The tips are made of aluminium
and polycarbonate. Inside, solid copper wires are used for the highest quality of use.

Hyper Silicone Cable

USB-C to C 2m 100W


Hyper Silicone Cable
Length2 m
Materialaluminium + silikon
Functionloading + data transfer
Weight70 g
Max. power100W
Data transmission480 Mbps

Files to download

USB-C to C 2m 100W

CE declaration