Hyper Silicone Cable

Type-C to Type-C & USB-C to Lightning

Reliable anytime, anywhere

600% more powerful

A cable – a simple but important thing. It must be durable and reliable in all situations. That’s why our cables are made of silicone material that is up to 600% more durable than standard cables. You can be sure that the cable will not break and it will charge your device whenever you need it.

Maximum comfort

Our cables roll up neatly and fit easily into a trouser pocket or handbag. We used an extremely soft, yet highly flexible material so you can quickly roll up and put the cable away when you don’t need it. What’s more, you can always store it in the dedicated silicone organiser you get with the cable.

For extreme temperatures

A cable in an ice-covered boot? No problem – just take it out and plug it in! We used highly temperature-resistant silicone material, so you will connect your device, whatever the temperature of the cable and the ambient. Our cables operate at both +200°C and -60°C.

Functional and safe

Our cables easily connect to your smartphone, tablet and notebook. Even a thick case won’t get in the way, as the cables are case friendly – it fits easily into the device’s socket even with thick cases like the Armor Case from 3mk. The clever grooves on the aluminum ends make it easy to fit the cable into the device’s socket. 

Hyper Silicone Cable USB-C to Lightning is certified by MFI – Apple, confirming that the product meets the quality requirements of Apple. Safety of cables is guaranteed by CE – ROHS certificate (no harmful substances for people and environment).

Hyper Silicone Cable 123

USB-C to Lightning

Hyper Silicone Cable

Type-C to Type-C 60W 3A


Hyper Silicone Cable
USB-C to Lightning
Hyper Silicone Cable
Type-C to Type-C 60W 3A
Length1 m1 m
MaterialTPE + aluminum + siliconeTPE + aluminum + silicone
Functionloading + data transferloading + data transfer
Weight28 g28 g
Max. power20W60W