Hyper Thunderbolt Cable™
USB 4 8K60Hz

USB Type-C to Type-C

Next-Generation Cable

High-quality audio and video signal

consistently crisp visuals and clear audio

Power Delivery and Extended Power Range features

charges devices with 240W power

Thunderbolt 3 with USB4 technology

40Gbps throughput

Premium quality

remarkably robust and practical

Outstanding Picture
and Sound Quality

Fancy experiencing top-notch visual and audio quality? Opt for our cutting-edge Hyper Thunderbolt USB4 dual-band cable. With a throughput of up to 40Gbps, it can transmit high-resolution 8K signals at a frame rate of 60Hz. This ensures your screen displays exceptionally sharp images and crystal-clear sound without any distortion.


With Hyper Thunderbolt USB4, everything just appears and sounds better.

Rapid Charging

The Hyper Thunderbolt USB4 cable supports the latest charging technologies – Power Delivery (PD) and Extended Power Range (EPR), powering devices up to 240W (48V/5A). Quickly charge your phone, laptop, and tablet using this cable.


Simply connect it to your device’s charger with a USB-C output and save time!

with Thunderbolt Connectivity Standard

We’ve incorporated the new connectivity standard – Thunderbolt 3 – into this cable. With a dynamically allocated bandwidth of 40Gbps, the cable simultaneously charges and transfers data and video signals between multiple devices. Thus, with Hyper Thunderbolt USB4, you can transmit visuals from your laptop to an external monitor without disrupting the device’s charging. The cable is compatible with Windows, Apple OS X, and Chrome OS. The cable is also backward compatible with USB 3.2 and Thunderbolt 3.

Choose Hyper Thunderbolt USB4 for enhanced convenience when working on multiple devices simultaneously.

Durable and Comfortable to Use

We’ve used high-quality materials in the Hyper Thunderbolt USB4 cable, making it highly durable and resistant to external factors. At 1 metre long, it works seamlessly wherever you use various mobile and stationary devices. It swiftly charges phones, laptops, and tablets, rapidly transfers large files, and delivers audio and video signals in the highest quality 8K/60Hz.


Equipped with an E-Marker chip, the Hyper Thunderbolt USB4 is convenient, reliable, and practical for modern users.

Set contains

• Hyper Thunderbolt Cable ™

USB 4 8k60Hz™

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is compatible with POWER DELIVERY (PD) and QUICK CHARGE (QC).

Yes, all our charging cables support data transfer. The cable also supports 8k60Hz audio and video transmission.

The cables are covered with strong and durable silicone. The tips are made of aluminium and polycarbonate. Inside, solid copper wires are used for the highest quality of use.


Hyper Thunderbolt Cable USB4 8K60Hz
TypeUSB type C to C
Length1 m
Materialaluminum + TPV
FunctionCharging + data transfer + audio + video
TechnologiesPower Delivery, Extended Power Range
Max. power240W
Data transferup to 40Gb/s
Weight45 g

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Hyper Thunderbolt Cable™

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