Hyper Wireless
Charger 3in1 / 15W

One charger with many possibilities!

Smartwatch charging: Apple only

Inductive charging

The latest charging technology

More than one

Charges up to 3 devices

Fold Technology

Compact to the extreme

Charges inductively

It’s time to move away from cables! The Hyper Wireless Charger uses wireless charging technology, making it as convenient as possible to charge your phone, watch* and headphones. If you have devices with inductive charging, this charger is the perfect solution for you. You simply put it into place – charge it – use it. Fast charging in style!

* inductive charging of smartwatches supports only Apple devices

3 in 1

Three slots mean three devices that you can charge quickly and conveniently. The Hyper Wireless Charger is the ultimate in comfort and modernity! Put your phone, headphones and watch on it. The first two devices will start charging at the same time, and once one of them is fully charged, your watch will immediately start charging. If you want your watch to be charged first, it's simple – free up one of the remaining charging slots. This charger is the ultimate in convenience and modernity. In the morning, your devices will be fully charged when you leave them on it in the evening. A dream option for those who appreciate minimalism and functionality in an innovative form.

Check how Hyper Wireless Charger 3in1 15W works!

Fold Technology

Are you setting out on a journey? Take a charger with you, preferably a compact and powerful one! That’s what the Hyper Wireless Charger is, which you can fold down to a compact size and, when unfolded, quickly charge up to 3 devices. The charger fits easily into your handbag or waist bag, so you know you’ll charge your devices whenever you need to. With Hyper Wireless Charger you charge, fold down and hit the road!

Everything under control

While charging 3 devices at the same time, we want to make sure that everything is under control. That’ s why we equipped the Hyper Wireless Charger with surge protection to make charging your phone, watch and headphones completely safe. In addition, an LED indicator will show the battery status, so you know when you can use your devices again. Safe and convenient!

Full compatibility

The top, slide-out charging surface has special grooves and is dedicated to charging smartwatches from Apple. The Hyper Wireless Charger 3-in-1 15 W is the perfect choice and you don’t have to worry about anything!

Technical data:

3 pcs

Power max 15W

Devices compatibility:



SmartWatch Apple

Set included:

– Hyper Wireless

Charger 3in1 / 15 – 1 pc


Phone Output15W/10W/7.5W/5W
Watch Output2.5W
Earphone Output3W
Input interfaceType-C port
Transmission distance (phone)≤ 8 mm
Conversion rate (phone)>73%
Product dimensions132.51 x 75 x 28.58
Cable includedYes (Type-C)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The charger has a maximum output power:
Phone Output: 15W/10W/7.5W/5W

Watch Output: 2.5W

Earphone Output: 3W
You can connect 3 devices to the charger at once.

The charger has 3 inductive charging slots for 3 devices at once.

The charger comes with a Type-C cable. However, it does not have a power adaptor. A suitable power adaptor is a minimum 20W power adaptor (QC3.0 Quick Charger (output: 9V/2A)).

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Hyper Wireless Charger 3in1 / 15W

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