Lens Pro
Full Cover™

The best lens protection

Armoured protection

Tempered glass with a hardness of 9H

Perfect photo quality

Protection for the most demanding

Sapphire coating

For extreme resistance against scratches

Easy installation

Apply, fit, press down and you’re done!

Armoured protection for your smartphone camera

Take pictures in any conditions without risking your phone falling and breaking the delicate

lens. This will be helped by Lens Pro Full Cover™ – tempered glass with a record-high 9H hardness! In case of a close encounter with hard concrete, the glass will protect your smartphone lens and remain whole.


If you work a lot with your phone’s camera or just have an expensive smartphone with an advanced lens, go for armoured protection. You will save yourself unnecessary nerves and expenses.

The best lens protection

No compromise on quality

From experience, you know that protective glass can reduce the quality of photos and destroy the joy of photography? We know it too, that’s why we have created Lens Pro Full Cover™ – an armour-plated camera protection that DOES NOT affect the quality of your photos. Ultra-thin, crystal clear glass perfectly adheres to the smartphone lens and covers it thoroughly. Photos come out perfect as and the camera is protected like never before.


Lens Pro Full Cover™ is protection for demanding: photographers, marketers, photography enthusiasts and all smartphone users who care about their equipment.

Zero scratches, thanks to sapphire coating

Lens Pro Full Cover™ is covered with a high-quality sapphire layer, thanks to which the surface of the glass shows extreme scratch resistance and does not tarnish. Keys, screwdrivers and other extremely sharp objects are no longer a threat – to the lens on the phone and to the protection covering it. You can confidently carry your smartphone in your bag or backpack and still enjoy beautiful photos.


The Lens Pro Full Cover™ glass with sapphire coating will remain perfectly smooth and clear for a long time.

Easy and enjoyable installation

Can the installation of a lens glass be quick and, on top of that, succeed on the first try? With Lens Pro Full Cover™ for sure! You clean, apply, fit, press down and you’re done!
It only takes a moment for your smartphone’s lens to gain armoured protection. All the accessories mounting accessories you will find in the set.



Clean the camera lens with the cloth provided.


Peel off the Lens Pro Full Cover™ protective film and fit over the lens.


Tighten and wipe with the cloth included in the kit.


Done! Your camera is now protected and ready to use.

Set included:

Lens Pro Full Cover,

• dry cloth,

• wet cloth.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Lens Pro Full Cover™ is made from high quality 9H hardness glass and coated with a synthetic sapphire coating.

We cannot guarantee that Lens Pro Full Cover™ will provide complete protection against any type of impact. However, our product significantly reinforces your camera lens, providing additional protection.

Lens Pro Full Cover™ does NOT affect the quality of your photos.