Lens Protection Pro™

for iPhone

Ultimate protection for beautiful photos


take pictures in all conditions

Perfect fit

protect the device without worrying about picture quality


install in the blink of an eye

Personalise for a better look

Looks matter. That’s why Lens Protection Pro is available in colours that match the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max models. That way, the Lens Protection Glass blends in seamlessly with your phone without changing its unique look. You choose the colour, place it on your iPhone, and enjoy discreet but highly effective protection. Opt for the timeless elegance of Lens Protection Pro – lens protection in the colour of your iPhone!

Take pictures without risk

Just a moment of inattention and your iPhone hits the pavement. Can the advanced electronics of a smartphone camera cope with such an impact? It's better not to take the risk and don't check it. Looking at a smashed iPhone lens can be really painful. That’s why we’ve created super-strong 9H hardness glass, which strengthens the lens by absorbing impact energy when the device is dropped from a height. With Lens Protection Pro, you can take pictures as often as you want, even when your iPhone is confronted with the harsh realities of pavement and mountain paths.

Protect it without worrying about image quality

We know that protective glass for your smartphone camera can ruin the joy of taking photos. Fitted poorly, too thick, not transparent. That’s why we focused on the highest quality when developing Lens Protection Pro. As a result, our glass is a perfect fit for your iPhone camera, completely covering the lens without adding any extra thickness to your phone. The photos are as beautiful as ever, and the protection is as strong as ever.

Ultimate protection
for beautiful photos

Super strong, perfectlyfitting and extremely 

easy to install – that’s Lens Protection 

Pro™ for iPhone!

Store it where you want

Poor quality iPhone photos. Impossible? Possibly if the lens is scratched. With Lens Protection Pro, nothing can scratch your iPhone lens except…a diamond. This is guaranteed by the highest hardness rating – 9H. In practice, this means that our glass will protect the camera lens from an aggressive bunch of keys or a screwdriver in your pocket. Store your iPhone where you want, even in a backpack full of metal objects, and enjoy beautiful photos. This is possible with Lens Protection Pro!

Install in the blink of an eye

Quick and easy installation is a great advantage of Lens Protection Pro. We don’t like to waste time on tedious tasks such as gluing glass to glass. And we certainly don't want to peel it off and stick it on again. Fortunately, installing our glass is very simple. A special installation frame adapted to your smartphone model will make your task easier. Clean it, apply it, fit it, press it down and voilà – done! In just a moment, your iPhone lens is fully protected against breaking and scratches.



Clean the camera lens with the cloth provided. The lens must be clean before installing Lens Protection Pro.


Peel off the Lens Protection Pro protective film and fit the installation frame to the lens.


Tighten and remove the installation frame.


Done! Your camera is now protected and ready to use.

Set included:

– Lens Protection Pro™ – 1 pc,
– dry cloth,

– wet cloth.