Lens Protection™

Hybrid glass for camera lenses.

It protects against breakage

Twice the resistance


Excellent protection against scratches


Only 0.16 mm thick

Record without fear

When you buy a new phone, do you also pay most attention to the camera? In the age of excellent smartphone cameras, digital cameras are not used anymore. However, daily use may affect the phone lenses, so protect it with Lens Protection™ Hybrid Glass.


You can’t predict what is just around the corner. Neither can we. That is why we provide the most reliable solution! We combined the flexibility of the film with the strength of the glass to create a non-cracking hybrid camera lens protection. Lens Protection™ strengthens the lens up to 200%.


You talk to your friends, put the phone down on the table not very gently and… Brr! Stop! 

You don’t have to worry about scratching your camera anymore. Lens Protection™ provides scratch protection at 7H Wolf-Wilburn scale with an additional ceramic coating.

Almost invisible

We all value discretion in certain respects. Lens Protection™ is like a secret agent – unnoticeable. After all, the camera does not need additional exposure. 

Hybrid glass is only 0.16 mm thick! It is so little that it is difficult to call this parameter “thickness”.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The product is based on hybrid glass.

We cannot give you a 100% guarantee that the impact will not exceed the protection provided by Lens Protection™. However, the product will certainly strengthen the lens additionally.

Lens Protection™ has no impact on the quality of photos taken in daylight.

Set includes:

– 4 pcs. Lens Protection™,
– microfiber cloth,
– 2 pcs. of wet cloths.


Type of protectionProtective foil
Scratch resistance (hardness)up to 200%
Thickness0,16 mm
Warranty24 months (See Warranty Card)
Technologies used• Oleophobic layer
• Structure enriched with ceramic coatings
• Adhesive Inviscid-Sil™
• Laser production technology