Pure listening

ANC technology

reduces external noise

Smart Connection

instant pairing via Bluetooth 5.3

Cutting-edge operation

touch panel on each earphone

Listen undisturbed

While wearing earphones, we do not want to hear outside sounds. That’s why we’ve equipped LifePods™ with an ANC mode that mutes background noise, allowing you to focus entirely on your music or podcast.



Our earphones allow you to freely have social and business conversations on the phone without worrying that noise will impede your communication with others. In the office, on the move, at home or on the street – enjoy your favourite music anywhere with LifePods™ earphones!

Listen in the highest quality

Listening to music using earphones should be pure pleasure. So we equipped the LifePods™ with a wide 13 mm diaphragm to ensure that the sound in the earphones is identical to the source sound. This means that when you use LifePods™, you listen to your favourite songs in the highest possible quality. What’s more, the wide diaphragm and built-in high-tech microphone also ensure high quality phone calls. LifePods™ are a unique listening pleasure!

Listen right away

You take it out of the case, put it in your ears and almost instantly listen to music, a podcast or make a phone call. We have integrated the latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology into the earphones so that pairing the LifePods™ with your phone only takes a few seconds.


We have integrated the charger into a protective case for complete comfort. The compact case easily fits into your pocket for a quick charge of your earphones whenever you need it. With LifePods™, time is irrelevant!

Listen comfortably

LifePods are the essence not only of high quality, but also of ease of use and comfort. The built-in touch panel on each earphone makes operating them easy and convenient


What’s more, you can listen to music while doing various activities. This is because LifePods™ are ergonomic and wireless. Go for LifePods™ and feel at ease!

Listen to what you want

When you use LifePods™, you can choose what you want to hear – earphone sounds, background noise, or maybe everything? You can use the touch panel on the headphones to control the ANC mode by muting or unmuting background noise. But that’s not all.


Tap the earphone lightly and you will also activate Transparency mode, boosting background noises. This means you can clearly hear everything going on around you without having to take the earphones out of your ears. Try out the latest audio control technology with LifePods™!

Set contains

• 3mk LifePods™,

• charging case,

• cable,

• three sizes of earbuds,

• paper instruction.


Bluetooth version5.3
Speaker size13 mm
Charging portType-C
Charging voltageDC 5V
Bluetooth signal distance15 m
Frequency range20-20000Hz
Music playtime (without ANC)6,5 h
Music playtime (with ANC ON)5,5 h
Charging time1,5 h
Battery capacity40mAh
Case battery capacity300mAh


The 3mk LifePods™ earphones support all Android, iOS and Windows devices with Bluetooth compatibility.

The process will start automatically when you place the earphones in the charging case. Charging case power indicator light will stay on during charging the earphones. The lights will be off after fully charged.

To charge the case, connect it to a power source using a cable with a USB-C connector. The charging case power indicator light flashes during charging. The lights will stay on after fully charged.
Open the lid of the charging case, the earphones will power on automatically. To switch off the earphones, place them back in the charging case and close the lid.
Bluetooth 5.3 improves security and battery life, reduces latency and interference.

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