Magnet Power™
car holder
Magnetic power

Strong magnets

They hold the phone firmly but gently

Full comfort

Always at your convenience


Suitable for any phone model

Durable and robust travel companion

Magnet Power holder is both durable and elegant. Designed to hold your phone firmly on the go, it is made of high quality aluminium alloy that won’t break. With the rubber clip and silicone mounting surface, this holder won’t scratch your phone air vents or casing. The Magnet Power Car Holder is a great travel companion for your smartphone if you are looking for something sturdy yet gentle.

Magnetic Power

A small, compact car holder that has
plenty of power. Strong magnets
guarantee a stable and strong hold
on your phone. Just like magnetic power.

Strong magnets = safe phone

Our strong magnets keep your phone steady, even when you’re taking sharp turns or cutting through potholes on a country road. Magnet Power keeps your phone safe and always at the ready to take you to your destination.

Set it up as you wish

Additionally, we have ensured your comfort. Depending on what you require, you can position the phone vertically or horizontally using the rotatable head. Additionally, the magnetic grip lets you use the phone using one hand. All you have to do is put your phone on it, set it up and go.

Holds any phone

The Magnet Power™ holder is very practical. It’ll match your phone and car perfectly. With the strong magnets, any phone will be safe, and you’ll be comfortable. You can attach it to

almost any type of ventilation grille, and be confident that it won’t block air flow. Our holder has a classic design and a small size, making it suitable for both limousines and off-road vehicles. Magnetic Power is so convenient and versatile that it’s a delight.

Set included:

Magnet Power™ – 1 pc