full off energy

Power of aluminium

Aluminium casing dissipates heat and effectively protects sensitive components

LED display

Cały czas widzisz, ile energii pozostało jeszcze w Twoim power banku

Charging 2in1

Charging 2in1

Pass Through

Charge your phone and renew your powerbank at the same time

MagSafe at full power

Charge your iPhone without a cable – fast, convenient and stylish! The MagSynergy™ powerbank features MagSafe wireless charging and is compatible with the Qi standard. Provides seamless and 100 % safe inductive charging with up to 15 watts of power.

Extra strong magnet stably holds the iPhone in any position. Place and recharge. Simply.

Charge two devices at once

Need to charge your smartwatch, headphones, phone or tablet without wireless charging option? No problem! On the MagSynergy™, you will find an additional port for charging with a USB-C cable. You can charge two devices at the same time – one wirelessly with MagSafe technology and one connected with a cable. Both with optimum performance.

Fast energy return

With MagSynergy™, you don't waste hours to wait for a full battery. The powerbank supports fast charging of devices in the Power Delivery standard. It is an indispensable gadget when travelling. It will help you stay connected to the world in places without access to electricity. The battery allows the iPhone 12, for example, to be charged fully twice.

Armed with new technologies

MagSynergy™ is a powerbank built with premium level technology. Its quality is confirmed by CE, ROHS and EMC certifications. Lightweight and durable lithium-polymer cells with a capacity of as much as 10,000 mAh were managed to be enclosed in a sleek, modern design. The aluminium casing effectively dissipates heat, increases resistance to damage and ensures an aesthetically pleasing appearance for a long time.

Battery under control

The built-in LED display indicates the current power level of the MagSynergy™. When the powerbank discharges, the high-speed USB-C connection allows you to recharge the battery from 0% to 100 % in a record-breaking time of only 180 minutes using a 35W charger. Thanks to Pass Through technology, you can simultaneously recharge the powerbank and charge your phone.

Smart charging

Don't worry about the security of your iPhone. We have equipped MagSynergy™ with a smart power control system. The powerbank automatically matches the charging capacity to the connected device. It provides security on multiple levels. Among others, it protects against over-charging, over- voltage, over-discharge, high and reverse voltage and overheating.

Set contains

• 3mk MagSynergy™,
• USB-C/USB-C cable,
• product protection foil,
• paper manual.


Battery typeli-polymer
Battery capacity10000mAh / 3,7V/37Wh
Nominal capacity6300mAh (5v/2A)
USB-C PD power output5V-2A/9V-2,22A/12V-1,5A 18W (max.)
Number of ports1x USB-C input/output, 1x Lightning input
CompatibilityApple, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi
Length9,4 cm
Width2,8 cm
Height13,5 cm


-The nominal capacity of a device is the total sum of the capacities of all the cells. In practice, depending on the method of discharge, e.g. using a USB-C port voltage at 5V-2A or wirelessly at 15 W, the voltage is converted and the usable capacity will be approx. 65-70% of the nominal capacity. For devices using voltages higher than 5 V (QC, PD, Supercharge), the usable capacity will be proportionately lower.
– Yes, MagSynergy™ can be safely brought on board an aircraft, as it has no more than 100 Wh capacity (i.e. approx. 27000 mAh).
– MagSafe charging is compatible with all Iphones from the 12 series upwards, while the power bank also supports the Qi charging standard and wired charging, so it will successfully charge any device that has a USB port and Qi wireless charging function.
-Pass-Through technology guarantees that the built-in cells in the power bank are not damaged by charging the device itself and other equipment at the same time. Thus, the lifetime of the cells in the MagSynergy is not reduced. Additionally, when charging a smartphone, wireless headphones or other devices, the battery in the power bank itself is charged as well. This means that you do not have to charge all devices in succession and waste time switching cables from one device to another.

Example: By connecting the Pass-Through technology power bank itself and other devices directly to the ports on the power bank for charging in the evening, you can enjoy a full battery in each device in the morning.
-The first charging of the MagSynergy™ can be done as soon as you unpack it or after you have used up the power stored in it. However, it is advisable to perform the first charging to full, that is, until the power bank’s electronics inform you that the charging process is complete. It is not recommended to charge the power bank with high voltage chargers exceeding 35 W and to discharge the power bank to 0%. We recommend charging the device when the indicator shows that approx. 10% of the energy is still remaining.
-If you would like to ensure long lifetime of the cells in your MagSynergy™, it is advised that it is recharged regularly. It is recommended that you charge the device at least once every 5 months to maintain its long lifetime.
– The charging modes are switched using the Power Switch button. A quick click is all it takes to switch between charging modes.
– The lightning port acts only as an input and is used to charge the power bank.
– The USB-C port acts as both an input and an output. With a single USB-C port you can either charge the power bank or charge other devices using it.
Make sure that the back surface of the phone is not covered with metallic materials such as sheet metal, rings, metal or overly thick protective casing. The power bank has a number of safety features, and it is possible that if it detects foreign metal elements near the magnetic charging surface, it will simply cut off the current to protect the device.
The power bank should not be exposed to extreme temperatures, so it is best stored at room temperature, around 15 – 20 degrees Celsius in dry and shaded areas. MagSynergy does not like extreme sunshine or sub-zero temperatures The operating temperature of the device is 0-40℃.

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