HardGlass Max FullGlue

34.90 EUR

Samsung™ dedicated HardGlass Max FullGlue - entirely adhesive screen protector.

HardGlass Max FullGlue™ guarantees possibly highest scratch protection.

9H hardness makes it resistant even to sharp objects made of tool steel.

The glass is entirely covered with Inviscid-Sil™ sticky fluid.

Perfect screen fit makes it even better protected.

High durability, precise finish and outstanding protective features are due to the tempering process. .

Its reinforcing power acts on the glass for many hours at 420°C.

Secret lies in using both smooth and curved edges which are made in 3D Edge technology.

Combination of that and 0,7 mm thickness guarantees an extra impact protection.

Finger slide turned into smooth and enjoyable, virtually friction-free experience thanks to an additional oleophobic coating.

Its fingerprint resistant finish helps to keep your device clean.

Crystal structure of the glass makes the image look perfectly clear. owing to perfectly clear structure of the glass.

Every layer is tailored as to offer the best hue and sharpness quality with no change to the displayed image.

Easy and fast to assemble.

The HardGlass Max FullGlue kit contains accessories that will facilitate the assembly.

The set contains of:

- 1 pcs. HardGlass Max FullGlue™(front)
- Anti-Bubble Card
- wet and dry wipe.

Type of protection tempered glass
Scratch-resistance (hardness) 9H (Pencil Hardness acc. Wolf-Wilburn Scale)
Tempering temperature 420°C
Thickness 0,7mm
Used technologies - Tempering
- Rounded edges 3D Edge
- Inviscid-Sil™ adhesive
- Anti-Crash foil
- oleophobic coating
Warranty 12 months
Available for devices

– Samsung Galaxy S8
– Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
– Samsung Galaxy S9
– Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus – special modified edition available on selected brand stores