Memo Hug™

Holds as you need it

Perfect matching

Saves your mobile size in memory

One-hand operation

Just put your mobile on the holder, set it and….drive

Wide range of compatibility

For smartphones with 4.5-6.5 “ screens

Stable grip

Holds the mobile firmly but sensitively

Saves the holding position in memory

Memo Hug™ is the unique so smart car mobile holder. It perfectly remembers the size of any smartphone and holds it exactly as necessary. Firm, stable, and gentle grip. No need to manually adjust the grip.

Just get in the car, put your mobile on the holder and… that’s all. No errors!

Surprising intuitiveness

Good for travel. Memo Hug™ car mobile holder is very helpful when travelling: smart, with one-hand operation, easy, convenient and reliable.

Make or answer calls being all the time focussed on the road and driving.

Supports all mobile models

We believe the mobile holder shall adapt to the smartphone, not the other way round, so that’s why we created Memo Hug™. Unconstrained flexibility guaranteed. It offers a very wide range of compatibility.


Suitable for mobile devices with 4.5 – 6.5 “ screen. Changing phone? Or buying a new car? Memo Hug™ is ready for it!

Freely selectable mounting position

Memo Hug™ can be mounted on air vent cover vertically or horizontally – as you wish.


In any position, firm and stable grip is guaranteed, and smartphone screen is fully visible to the driver.

Firm, but sensitive grip

Memo Hug™ has been designed to hold your smartphone firmly, securely and stably, yet gently, while driving. Sharp turns or sudden braking will not change your preferred smartphone position in the holder. The holder is safe for the phone casing and the air vent cover.


No scratching at all!

Case friendly holder

Do you use a thick, armor mobile case or non-standard case model? No problem for Memo Hug™! Our holder is case friendly, which means it is compatible with all cases manufactured by 3mk Protection and with the vast majority of other case brands available on the market.


Memo Hug™ holds your smartphone with optimum grip – no need to remove the protection.

Set contains:

• 3mk Memo Hug™,

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Memo Hug™ will accept devices from 4.5′ to 6.7′ into its arms.

Car holder Memo Hug™ can be used both horizontally and vertically, because it has a rotating head.

The holder is designed to remember the size of your device only once. The locking lock inside the holder will lock in the position you choose, so that you can enjoy the benefits of using our holder.