Paper Feeling™ Tablet

Draw, write and protect your device.

Strengthens the screen

Effectively protects the display from damage

Like paper

You feel like you are writing on a piece of paper

No dirt

always a clean screen without fingerprints

Effective and robust protection

You are writing, drawing – just a moment of inattention, and your expensive device hits the pavement or the floor. Pressure in the stomach and that thought – is the screen all right? We know it well. This is why we have ensured that the Paper Feeling™ protective film not only imitates paper, but also an armoured glass pane. This unique film strengthens the screen, effectively protecting your tablet or smartphone screen from scratches and shattering.

Soft as paper

The stylus glides across the screen, but you feel like you’re writing on a piece of paper. It really is a sensational feeling. With Paper Feeling™  protective film, you can move with the times without having to give up what you love – the sensual feeling of writing on paper. Paper Feeling™ is a nostalgic return to the past in the form of a modern protective film with a paper texture. All to make writing and drawing on the screen a pleasure.

Dscout’s research showed that the average user holds the phone in his hand for almost 2.5 hours a day. Paper Feeling™  is approved by the National Institute of Hygiene, which guarantees that it is free of harmful substances and safe for your health – no matter how much time you spend on the phone.

While we’re protecting the phones, we’re concerned about the planet. Paper Feeling™ has successfully passed RoHS certification in an independent laboratory – this means that it is environmentally friendly and complies with strict EU directives on heavy metals and hazardous substances (including lead, mercury and cadmium).

Simple and quick assembly no bubbles

Thanks to the positioning stickers Fit-In ™ precisely
you match Paper Feeling™ to the screen.

And always clean

Nobody likes writing on dirty, stained sheets of paper, do they? Simply wipe the Paper Feeling protective film to enjoy a perfectly clear display. Write and draw on a screen with a unique paper texture, without fingerprints or dirt! What more could you want?

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Paper Feeling™ is a hybrid glass, which is a combination of the best properties of glass and foil – they are characterized by high flexibility and resistance
for scratches.

Our products have various properties, e.g. tempered glass is best protected against scratches (it has a scratch resistance of 9H). A material like Paper Feeling™ has a lower scratch resistance (7H), so there are substances that can scratch them, such as quartz grains. Remember that the primary role of glass is to protect the screen.

During assembly, pay attention to the alignment of individual holes with the elements of the device. Carry out the installation on a flat, preferably non-slip surface in a draft-free room. Follow the instructions that you can find at

Set includes:

– 1 pc Paper Feeling™ (front),
– Dust­-Fix™ leaves ,
– Fit-In™ leaves,
– Anti-­Bubble Card™,
– CleaningSet.