Magnet Power™

A small, compact car holder that has plenty of power. Strong magnets guarantee a stable and strong hold on your phone.

Twist Automatic™

The holder features a telescopic arm so you can move your phone mounted to the windscreen closer, while the rotatable head allows you to position it at the right angle that works best for you.

Spider Gravity™

Phone holder with gravitational installation system. The spider-like arms always hold the phone firmly in place thanks to high-precision clamping at four support points.

Bike Holder Pro™

A holder that guarantees the safety of your phone even on the bumpiest roads – whether you’re biking along a forest path or riding your scooter around town.


Attractive with comfort. Case compatible with the Mag Safe system. Absorber175™ – after 26 falls of the new phone from a height of 175 cm, no dents, cracks or scratches were found.

Lens Protection Pro™

Ultimate protection for beautiful photos. Super-strong 9H hardness glass, which strengthens the lens by absorbing impact energy when the device is dropped from a height.

Hyper Charger 65W

We created the perfect charger for anyone with more than one mobile device. It charges up to 3 devices at once!

Hyper Charger 20W​

If you use your mobile devices a lot, especially on the go, this 20W charger is what you need.

Hyper Silicone Cable

Super powerful, extremely flexible and highly resistant.

Bike Holder Pro™

Uchwyt, który gwarantuje bezpieczeństwo Twojego telefonu nawet na najbardziej wyboistej drodze – nieważne czy mkniesz rowerem po leśnej drodze, czy suniesz hulajnogą po mieście.