Satin Armor Case

Satin frame for a better grip.


26 drops from a height of 150 cm, no phone damage.


A black non-slip frame for a firm grip.

Just yours

Personalize the case with any graphics or photos.

It protects what is important

We want to make sure that we protect your universe management center as best we can. We have developed the Absorber™ test based on the Military Grade standard: a series of 26 drops on steel and concrete. We dropped the phone protected by Satin Armor Case from a height of 150 cm.

The audit of the device after the test has confirmed that the phone is fully operational and is not damaged.

Grip it and hold it

We’ve heard that in an ideal world, the phone is gripped exactly in half and always with a dry hand. In real life, it can be……differently. Do you know that? That’s why we used a non-slip satin frame in the Satin Armor Case, which makes the phone feel more securely in your hand, no matter how you grip it.

Eksperyment badawczy dscout pokazał, że przeciętny użytkownik trzyma telefon w dłoni niemal 2,5 godziny dziennie. Satin Armor Case posiada atest Państwowego Zakładu Higieny, co gwarantuje, że jest wolny od substancji szkodliwych i bezpieczny dla zdrowia – niezależnie od tego, ile czasu z telefonem spędzasz.
Zabezpieczając telefony, mamy na uwadze troskę o planetę. Satin Armor Case przeszedł pozytywnie certyfikację RoHS w niezależnym laboratorium – oznacza to, że jest przyjazny środowisku i mieści się w ścisłych unijnych dyrektywach dotyczących zawartości metali ciężkich i niebezpiecznych substancji ( ołowiu, rtęci czy kadmu).

Camera: protected

When smartphone manufacturers outdo each other in the design of sophisticated cameras, we take up the gauntlet and create a case to protect sensitive electronics. The Satin Armor Case has raised edges around the camera to absorb impacts and protect against scratches.

Recommended for...

The solid black frame looks elegant and modern. It is an interesting complement to the light, transparent phone backs, which expose the design of the smartphone. The thickness of this inflexible case is only 1.0 mm- even in the case, you can still keep your phone conveniently in your trouser pocket.

Totally yours

You don’t have to be like everyone else. Show the world what you love or what inspires you! The Satin Armor Case can be easily personalized with a durable print in saturated colors. You can put whatever you want on the case: a graphic, a collage or a photo. Yeah, it might be your favourite photo, from vacation!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Satin Armor Case is made of components completely resistant to UV radiation, so it does not turn yellow or darken during use.

Satin Armor Case (due to its reinforcement) is made of thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate (PC). All our products are made of components safe for health, which is confirmed by the PZH certificate.

Satin Armor Case is about 1 mm thick. It provides excellent protection (Absorber150™) while remaining aesthetic and subtle.


Matt Case

Armor Clear Case

Satin Armor Case
Klasa Absorber™Absorber125™Absorber125™Absorber175™Absorber150™
Odporność na promienie UVWysokaCałkowitaBardzo wysokaCałkowita
Tworzywo sztuczneTPUTPUTPU + PCTPU + PC
Grubość1,0 mm1,2 mm1,5 mm1,0 mm
Ochrona obiektywuTakTakNieTak
Wzmocnione narożnikiNieNieTakTak
Logo 3mkTakTakNieNie
Ramka w kolorzeNieNieNieTak
Możliwość personalizacjiNieNieTakTak
Norma Military GradeNieNieTakTak
Atest PZHTakTakTakTak
Certyfikat RoHSTakTakTakTak

Set includes:

– 1 pc. Satin Armor Case


Type of protectionCase
Thickness1,0 mm
Technologies used• Absorber150™ class
• Standard Military Grade (MIL-STD-810G 516.7)
• Durable combination of thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate
• Transparent back emphasizes the design
• Satin black frame improves grip
• Camera protection
• EasyClick™ Buttons technology
• Compatible with 3mk Protection glasses and foils
• Compatible with wireless chargers
• Safe for health (PZH certificate)
Warranty24 months (See Warranty Card)