Silicone Case™

Wraps you in security

It really does protect

Protective performance and durability confirmed by Absorber200™ tests

Top-quality silicone

Hydrophobic and hypo-allergenic, yet smooth and easy to clean

Reliable grip

Premium safe grip and high coefficient of frictionPremium safe grip and high coefficient of friction

Full durability
and protection

The Silicone Case™ is a case that really protects your smartphone from drops and damage. Due to the use of silicone as the material of choice and the professional Absorber200™ tests (26 drops from a height of 200 cm on a concrete floor – zero damage to the smartphone), the Silicone Case™ is the best choice if you want optimal protection for your smartphone. One of the main features of the silicone from which the Silicone Case™ is made is its secure grip in the hand, thanks to its high coefficient of friction. Get the confidence that your smartphone won’t slip out of your hand!

Superior aesthetic qualities are one of the standout features of our silicone case

It is not only safe and durable, but also boasts attractive aesthetic qualities. That is exactly what the Silicone Case™ is. The silicone of which the case is made is soft and smooth, and the interior of the case is lined with microfibre for added protection. The precision craftsmanship and attention to detail means that once you touch the Silicone Case™, you won’t swap it for any other case. Feel that this case is truly yours – custom-designed and tailored just for you! The silicone used in the case is high-quality and inert to the skin, ensuring that it is completely hypo-allergenic. With the Silicone Case™, you can not only feel special, but also confident and safe!

Always clean

Many cases deform, change colour, and become scratched after a short period of use. The Silicone Case™ is different from other cases thanks to its proven non-stick properties that prevent dust and dirt from adhering to its surface. This means that you can easily remove any stains with a single hand movement, keeping your case looking like new for longer. The silicone material of the Silicone Case™ is also hydrophobic, thanks to innovative manufacturing technology. This means that it repels water molecules, allowing the surface to be kept clean and preventing damage. The Silicone Case™ is a top-of-the-line case and the best choice for those who value the highest product quality.

Set included:

• Silicone Case™


Type of protectionCase
Thickness2 mm
Technologies used• Absorber200™ class
• Made of soft, flexible silicone, micro-fibre, and polycarbonate
• Smooth, matt finish resistant to traces of use
• Elevated edges around the screen
• Camera protection
• EasyClick™ Buttons technology
• Machine washable
• Compatible with 3mk Protection glasses and foils
• Compatible with wireless chargers
• Safe for health (PZH certificate)
• Environmentally safe (RoHS study report)
Warranty12 months (See Warranty Card)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The Silicone case is made of the following materials: PC, silicone, microfibre lining.

The Silicone Case is made of an extremely durable and resistant component, easy to care for. It doesn’t discolour, even when you clean it with an alcohol-based agent. In addition, it is hypoallergenic.

Many manufacturers focus on product design. At 3mk Protection design goes hand in hand with care for testing and safety. Instead of empty slogans, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: Absorber, PZH and RoHS certified.