Silicone Earphones Case™

Your earphones deserve the best protection!

Charging port cap

Thick soft silicone for wireless charging

Innovative attachment system with band

Elegant Non-Staining White Silicone

Charging Port Cap

Our Silicone Earphones Case ™ features a smart cap that protects your earphones’ charging port from dust, dirt, and damage. This ensures that your devices always remain in perfect condition.

Thick soft silicone for wireless charging

Our case is made of an extra thick and soft silicone compound that protects your earphones and allows wireless charging without removing the case. This is a convenient and functional solution for users.

Innovative attachment system with a band

Innovative attachment system with a band: Our case is equipped with a strap that connects the top and bottom parts, effectively preventing them from being accidentally separated. What’s more, we’ve included a simple armband design with the product, specifically designed to accommodate various earphones. With this solution, you are assured that your earphones are always in place, protected from possible drops and loss. It’s a practical solution that ensures your earphones are always close at hand and safe. Along with the Silicone Earphones Case ™, you will also receive a practical snap hook that you can easily attach to your bag, keys, or belt. This carabiner will give you easy access to your earphones and allow you to carry them conveniently. Not only do you get great protection for your earphones, but you also gain mobility and quick access to them wherever you go.

Non-staining white silicone

The Silicone Earphones Case ™ is made of a unique non-staining white silicone. This means the case will maintain its original color and cleanliness, even with daily use. You don’t have to worry about your case looking tattered or dirty. Your earphones will always look elegant and professional thanks to the non-staining white silicone.
Silicone Earphones Case ™ is a one-stop solution for all earphone lovers. Protect your devices and enjoy the convenience and stylish look with our case. Don’t risk losing or damaging your earphones. Choose the Silicone Earphones Case ™ and enjoy peace of mind and comfort while using it.

The Silicone Earphones Case™ is available in three variants to choose from, dedicated to Apple AirPods 2nd Generation, Apple AirPods 3rd Generation and Apple AirPods Pro.

Available colors: white, black, navy blue.

Set includes:

• 3mk Silicone Earphones Case™.


 Yes, our case is available in three variants compatible with Apple AirPods 2nd generation, Apple AirPods 3rd generation, and Apple AirPods Pro.

Yes, the case is made of thick, soft silicone, which allows for wireless charging without the need to remove the case.

 Yes, the case is made of non-staining white silicone, which maintains its aesthetic appearance even with intensive use.

The charging port cap protects the port from dust, dirt, and damage, keeping it in perfect condition.

Yes, a carabiner is included with the case, which facilitates carrying and provides quick access to the earphones.

The case has compact dimensions, tailored to the size of specific AirPods models to ensure a perfect fit.

The case can be cleaned with a damp cloth, which will help maintain its cleanliness and aesthetic appearance

Currently, the Silicone Earphones Case™ is only available in white, which matches the aesthetics of Apple products.