Soft Tablet Case™

Protects like a pro

Particular protection

Durable material with a silicone coating and a TPU housing

Unconstrained access to all tablet functions

Unconstrained use of camera, loudspeakers and operating buttons

Triple-folded design

Two convenient positions of tablets to select

Wake/Sleep feature

Automatically turns the tablet to stand-by and active mode

Robust materials guarantee safety

Soft Tablet Case™ is an aesthetic protective case made of top quality materials resistant to damage. The outer layer of the case is made of an innovative plastic additionally reinforced with a silicone coating and a TPU housing. It makes the case soft and gentle to touch, and robust and resistant to damage. The interior is lined with soft microfibers, which hold the tablet firmly inside the case and protect it from uncontrolled slipping out. Precise finish with utmost care to the very last detail means that once you have used the Soft Tablet Case, you will never replace it with any other case.

Feel that this case is really yours and professionally protects your tablet!

Unconstrained use of tablet

A good case protects the tablet, but does not interfere with its unconstrained use. It was the point the designers of the Soft Tablet Case focused on and guaranteed the user full access to the camera, speaker and charging ports. And, particularly, Soft Tablet Case™ have a specially formed kind of pocket for easy removal and insertion of stylus.

A broken or lost stylus is no longer

an issue when using the Soft Tablet Case!

Triple-folded design

Soft Tablet Case™ is a slim, soft and practical protection of any tablet. Triple-folded stand with double-base offers two positions for comfortable use of the tablet.

Thanks to Soft Tablet Case™ you may use

the tablet wherever and however you want!

Automatically turning the tablet
to stand-by and active mode

The Wake/Sleep function automatically turns the device to stand-by mode when closing and to active mode when opening the front cover which considerably extends lifetime of the battery and of the entire device. 

Set included:

• Soft Tablet Case™


Type of protectionCase
ThicknessFront wall - 2 mm
Back wall - 3 mm
Product features• Made of soft flexible material with silicone coating on the front and a micro-fiber coating on the inner wall
• Smooth, matte coating to resist marks from use
• Raised edges around the screen
• Protection for the camera
• Built-in space for a stylus
• Triple folding stand design - can be placed in 2 positions
• Compatible with 3mk Protection glass and films
• Wake/Sleep function - automatically wakes and puts tablet to sleep
• Environmentally safe (RoHS test report)
Warranty12 months (See Warranty Card)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The Soft Tablet Case™ provides several benefits, including protection from scratches, drops and bumps. It also helps keep your tablet clean, free of dust and dirt. In addition, the case features a tri-fold stand design which makes it easier to use the tablet by allowing it to be placed in 2 convenient positions.

When choosing a Soft Tablet Case™, you need to consider the size and model of your device, and then choose the right Soft Tablet Case for it.

Yes, you can use a tablet case with a screen protector. The Soft Tablet Case™ is compatible with 3mk Protection glass and films. In fact, it’s worth using both for maximum protection against scratches and damage.