Spider Gravity™
car holder
Unearthly force of gravity

Maximum stability

Strong and precise clamp

Versatile and innovative

Unique design to fit any phone

Practical and convenient

Fully adjustable positioning and charging of the phone while driving

Comfortable to use

Our holder is practical and comfortable to use. The large adjustment range and the ability to charge your phone while driving make using your phone in the car safe and convenient. The rotatable head of the holder allows you to position your phone in the best position for you, while the easy-access slot makes it quick to connect the charging cable even when you’re driving. If you have Spider Gravity™, your phone screen will always be where you want it to be and your battery will always be full.

For difficult road conditions

Do you want to be sure that your phone will not fall out of the holder during off-road driving or sudden braking? Then Spider Gravity™ is just what you need. The spider-like arms always hold the phone firmly in place thanks to high-precision clamping at four support points. So you can use your phone comfortably and safely even when you’re speeding down a mountain road. We guarantee that the phone will not move. Spider Gravity™ car holder is the perfect choice for the demanding route and more.

Suitable for any phone

Spider Gravity™ likes all phones, no matter what size. Your phone will remain stable while driving thanks to the precision clips on the holder. It fits almost any type of car air vents and the silicone pads protect the grille from scratches. The holder does not block the airflow from the air vent. Thanks to its unique design and high quality components, the Spider Gravity™ will keep you comfortable on the go and look great for years.

Charging while you are driving

Long car journeys can be draining, especially for the battery in your phone. That’s why we’ve made sure that our holder can charge your phone while you’re driving. So you can use the phone apps without limits, even over long distances. The practical cut-out in the holder allows you to plug in the charging cable while driving.Convenient and safe. Are you looking for a trustworthy travel companion? Choose Spider Gravity™ car holder!

Set included:

Spider Gravity™ – 1 pcs