Steel Bike Holder™

High-Quality Materials

Made of aluminium and stainless steel

Universal Fit

Fits smartphones with a width of 60 to 90 mm

Stability Guarantee:

Ensures high stability of the device

Position Adjustment

Ability to set the phone in the preferred position

Exclusive Design

Personalized look with the 3mk logo and a unique pattern

Easy Assembly and Disassembly

Simple and quick installation on the bicycle handlebar

Discover a new dimension of riding with the 3mk Steel Bike Holder™

Navigate with confidence through urban alleys or picturesque landscapes, knowing your smartphone is secure and stable no matter the intensity of your adventure. Meet the 3mk Steel Bike Holder™ – a reliable bicycle mount that transforms your phone into the most trusted companion on every route.

Durability inspired by nature

Created for extreme conditions, the 3mk Steel Bike Holder™ is a symbol of resilience. Made from the highest quality aluminium and stainless steel, it’s like your personal protective shield against all the surprises that trails or urban jungles can bring.

Your smartphone's universal partner

Whether you’re loyal to one smartphone model or like changes – our mount is prepared for every dimension of adventure. Fitting devices 60-90 mm wide, means that almost every phone can become the heart of this advanced navigation system on your handlebar.

Stability you can count on

Enjoy a vibration-free journey with the 3mk Steel Bike Holder™. Thanks to its well-thought-out design, the phone remains steady even during the most demanding expeditions. Enjoy smooth navigation and constant access to all necessary functions, without losing control of the handlebar.

The perfect view from every perspective

The full position adjustment of the holder allows you to adjust the viewing angle of the phone so that you can fully focus on the road while using apps or monitoring statistics. All of this is accessible at your fingertips without stopping to adjust settings.

Style that speaks more than a thousand words

The design of the 3mk Steel Bike Holder™ combines functionality with elegance. We offer not only solidity but also a unique style – each holder is adorned with the 3mk logo and our characteristic pattern, making it a distinctive accessory that attracts attention and highlights your personality.

Join the elite club of cycling expedition enthusiasts

Choose the 3mk Steel Bike Holder™ and experience riding on a completely new level. Let every expedition become not just an experience, but a testament to your pursuit of perfection. Order now and feel the difference.

Set contains:

• 3mk Steel Bike Holder™


Purpose: For smartphone
Phone width:60-90 mm
Fits handlebars from:22-32 mm


The 3mk Steel Bike Holder™ is made of high-quality aluminium and stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to various weather conditions.
Yes, the holder is designed to be compatible with all devices. It fits smartphones with a width of 60 to 90 mm, which includes most models available on the market.
The 3mk Steel Bike Holder™ ensures high device stability thanks to its thoughtful design that minimizes vibrations and keeps the phone steady during intense riding.
Yes, the holder offers the possibility to adjust the phone’s position, allowing it to be set at the most convenient viewing angle for the user.
The holder is characterized by an exclusive design that combines functionality with elegance. Each piece features the 3mk logo and a unique pattern, making it a stylish addition to any bicycle.
No, installing the 3mk Steel Bike Holder™ on the bicycle handlebar is simple and quick. It does not require the use of specialized tools or a lengthy procedure.
Yes, the holder is designed for use in various conditions, both when riding on city streets and more challenging, uneven trails.