Twist Automatic™
car holder
A holder that fits you

Full safety

Automatically adjusts to your phone

Maximum comfort

Full range of adjustment and quick installation


Charge hassle-free while on the go

Stable and gentle

The main purpose of a car holder is a strong, stable grip. That’s why we have relied on a sensitive automatic system that perfectly adjusts the clip to the width of the phone. This ensures that your phone will not slip out of the holder, even when you are driving on rough roads or taking sharp turns. The smart, blue clip elements respond to movement by tightening gently but firmly on the phone body You can be sure that your phone is secure on the road with the Twist Automatic™ car holder.

Always in optimal position

Our holder adapts masterfully to the preferences of the driver. Telescopic arm lets you move your phone attached to the windscreen closer, while the rotatable head lets you position it at the right angle. This will allow you to use your phone comfortably and safely while driving. What’s more, you can attach the Twist Automatic™ not only to your windscreen but also to your dashboard. With modern installation technology, our holder will not fall off accidentally while driving, ensuring a stable view on your phone display.

Easy to install

Would you like to adjust the clamping position? No problem. With Clean&Use™ technology, the holder can be installed and removed multiple times without losing adhesion. Every time, the suction cup sticks firmly to the surface, guaranteeing full comfort when using your phone navigation. Importantly, it takes literally no time to move the holder.You can release and attach the suction cup with the convenient valve button. One click and you’re done. With Twist Automatic™ your phone is always where you want it.

Charging while you are driving

Long car journeys can be draining, especially for the battery in your phone. That’s why we’ve made sure that our holder can charge your phone while you’re driving. So you can use the phone apps without limits, even over long distances. The practical cut-out in the holder allows you to plug in the charging cable while driving.Convenient and safe. Are you looking for a trustworthy travel companion? Choose Twist Automatic™ car holder!

Set included:

Twist Automatic™ – 1 pcs