Watch Protection™

Protects the entire smartwatch face.

It strengthens the screen

Up to 200% stronger display


Regenerates damage within 48 hours


Only 0.16 mm thick

Ready, steady, go!

In sports, you dodge. And in life? Impact, scratch, drop. Doors, car body, asphalt – everything can be a threat to your smartwatch. The watch on your hand is several times more vulnerable to damage than a smartphone. Take care of it as much as you take care of your phone. 

Certified protection

Watch Protection™ strengthens the watch face up to 200%. At the gym it’s blood, sweat and tears – we provide glasses and films with a real school of survival. The properties of Watch Protection™ are confirmed by a test in accordance with the stringent standard PN-EN 50102:2001 carried out in the Hamilton laboratory.

It takes into account the differences

Top smartwatches differ not only in parameters but also in design. When designing Watch Protection™, we took into account all the details: edge rounding, convexity and exact dimensions to the millimeter. The protection is maximum 0.16 mm thick, depending on the component – so it is almost invisible and does not interfere with the look of the watch.

It fixes scratches

Minor scratches visible only at a certain angle or in very bright lighting. They don’t seem to bother you, but they’re annoying. Do you know that? We used Self-Heal™ technology in Watch Protection™. The film will self-heal small damages in 48 hours, maintaining a perfect appearance.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on whether the smart-watch display is curved or not, we will choose a product containing protective film or hybrid glass.

No worries, you can remove the protection without any problem and without leaving a trace.

We have not done any such tests. If you have experience of how Watch Protection™ works on a watch used in swimming training, let us know!

Set includes:

-3 pcs. Watch Protection™,
– microfiber cloth,
– 3 pcs. wet cloth.


Rodzaj zabezpieczeniaFolia ochronna
Wzmocnienie ekranuDo 200%
Grubość0,16 mm
Zastosowane technologie• Samoregeneracja Self-Heal™
• Warstwa oleofobowa
Gwarancja12 miesięcy (Zobacz kartę gwarancyjną dla produktów 3mk Protection)