Wired Earphones

Enjoy the sound

Call & audio function

Control music and calls without taking your phone out of your pocket!

Built-in remote control with microphone

The remote control has the option to adjust the volume, change the song and answer and end calls.

High sound quality

Support sound frequencies from 20 Hz to 20k Hz.

Light, compact and comfortable

fits in any pocket

True pleasure

of listening to music!

3mk Wired Earphones™ are top-class wired earphones with a function of music listening and making phone calls. Thanks to the integrated remote control and microphone the earphones operation does not require touching the mobile. 1.2m long power cord offers the maximum of user’s convenience. The earphones support a wide band of sound frequency from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Resistant to sweat. Available color: white.

Comfort of listening to music and making phone calls

For the best user’s convenience, the earphones are equipped with a hands-free set comprising a remote control and a microphone to enable listening to music and making phone calls without the need to touch the mobile. 1.2m long power cord offers the maximum of user’s convenience.

The Wired Earphones™ are compact and lightweight – you can keep them at a hand reach to use anytime you want.

Listening to music of the top quality

The earphones support a wide band of sound frequency from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The sound quality may satisfy even the most demanding music lovers. The remote control integrated with the earphones offers functions of volume adjusting, song changing and phone call answering and ending, which guarantee pleasure of continuous listening to music.

Durability and resistance

The Wired Earphones™ are CE-certified, which confirms compliance with the EU health, safety and environmental requirements. Thanks to high durability and resistance to mechanical damage and sweat, the earphones will satisfy needs of the most active users. Take the earphones for a training and enjoy your favorite music while exercising!

With USB-C port

The EU law requires all mobile phones and tablets sold in the EU to be equipped with USB – C port latest by the end of 2024. We have already met this requirement and our headphones have such a connector! So, you may now be connected with mobile devices through USB-C port.

Set contains:

• 3mk Wired Earphones

• user manual.


Wired earphones with USB-C connector are a type of audio device that connects to a device’s USB-C port via a USB-C plug. They are often used with smartphones, laptops and other devices equipped with a USB-C port.

Wired earphones with a USB-C connector have several advantages over other types of audio devices. They are generally inexpensive, easy to use and don’t require charging or syncing with other devices.

Devices with a USB-C port are compatible with wired earphones with a USB-C connector. This includes smartphones, laptops, desktops and other devices.
Simply plug the USB-C connector of the earphones into the USB-C port of your device. Your device will automatically recognize the earphones and you can start using them right away
Yes, the earphones allow you to control volume, playback, pause songs and handle phone calls.

Files to download

3mk Wired Earphones USB-C™​

CE declaration